Alejandro Fantino was lapidary with Piqué and exploded with fury after the footballer’s retirement: “The most important thing he did was go out with Shakira”

This Saturday, Gerard Piqué professional soccer retired after 18 years of career and 14 in the Barcelonawhose scenario, the Camp Nou, fired the 35-year-old defender who hung up the boots in an emotional frame. His team’s 2-0 win against Almeria earned him a place at the top of La Liga, but the focus was on the defender who put an end to his campaign. The tears were uncontrollable in a year marked by his scandalous separation from Shakira and episodes on the subject arise daily.

The novelty of Piqué’s retirement took many by surprise, although the now former footballer had lost ownership of the team led by his former teammate Xavi Hernández. The news bounced around the world and someone who went to the bone with the Spanish was Alexander Fantinus in your program, Fantine Multiverse.

The driver wondered, “Has Piqué retired?” and his companions answered yes, at 35 years old. Immediately, there was a cataract of criticism from Fantino. “Can I ask a question. I do not care?! The whole country is talking about him retiring andWhat do I care that Piqué’s asshole has retired!. What do I care what The most important thing I’ve ever done was date Shakira.. What do I care, colonized from the ortho, stop talking about Piqué. It is more important when ‘Indio’ Arévalo retired than Piqué’s retirement. I do not care”.

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* Piqué’s farewell in Barcelona‘s last game

Fantino’s teammates reminded him that Piqué was a world champion with Spain in 2010, but that did not reassure the communicator who added thick ammunition: “Stop breaking the balls all the television greats, ‘Piqué retired’, ‘they Pique withdrew. The number four of Chacarita Juniors matters more to me than Piqué. Enough crazy, enough!”

More and more annoyed by the issue, Fantino fired: “Tell me important things about important players. Do you know Piqué? Did you see him play Piqué? His colleagues indicated yes, although they aligned with the thought by expressing that, “for me, Piqué was Shakira’s and the tax evader”. Then the host of the program insisted: “But who is Piqué? Who cares about Pique? He bought the Davis Cup, enough, enough is enough”.

Piqué decided to retire and this Saturday he received a warm farewell from the Barcelona fans, his home since 2008 and the club where he won everything. Over there he played 616 games, converted 53 points and provided 15 assists. Among his titles with the culé team, the three Champions Leagues stand out in 2008/2009, 2010/2011 and 2014/2015, and the three consecrations in the Club World Cup in 2009, 2011 and 2015 are added.

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* Piqué’s emotional words towards the culé fans

Meanwhile I hammered this Monday was absent from the fifth meeting with Shakira and her legal advisers to resolve the division of assets and custody of their children. The dissolution of the relationship continues to deliver news almost daily due to the magnet generated by both figures. Since last June when the two reported that the couple had finished, the news did not stop running.

Shakira first wanted the couple’s children to move with her to Miami, but because they have to finish their current school year they stayed in Barcelona and she returned to that city to be close to them. In recent days it also transpired that the Colombian would have bothered the deny a supposed interest of Piqué for the state of health of the singer.

While the climate grew tense in these months as Piqué had no qualms about appearing with his new partner, Clara Chia Martí, 12 years his junior, who works at the former footballer’s company, Kosmos, which is in charge of the Event organization. The young woman already had contact with the children of Piqué and Shakira, another fact that she did not like the Colombian artist either.

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