Alejandro Fernández honors his father and celebrates the arrival of his grandson

For luck, Alejandro Fernández he ordered a light brown charro suit, similar to one that his father proudly wore at concerts, to wear it in their musical presentations.

Last night, during the final part of his show in the Plaza de Toros México, the “Potrillo” He came out with the new wardrobe from his closet.

“To give me luck,” he said before the 50,000 people gathered in the place.

“It couldn’t be more perfect,” exclaimed Alejandro Fernández seeing that the rain respected him.

He didn’t say it for him. but because in some way what was experienced was repeated by his father nearly four decades ago when I was about to offer a concert in the Plaza de Toros Mexico.

That time, just like yesterday, a heavy rain fell in Mexico City and shortly before the concert, he stopped.

“He taught me to take the first steps in life,” he now told his audience.

Because the recital that he played yesterday was also a way to honor the “Charro de Huentitán”.

“We dedicate it to the old man”, indicated to present “Traveling Moon”.

Because the evening could not stop including songs that his father always put in his presentations such as “Volver” and “México, lindo y querido”, last song for which he asked the public to stand up.

It’s more. For the last part of the concert, he disappeared for a few minutes. to return carrying a light brown suit similar to the one his dad wore.

“To give me luck,” he said.

“It has been many hard months for my family, I lost my teacher, my friend, Mexico lost the best singer of all time.” considered in his message.

a medley of songs by Chente as “For your damn love”, “How do I forget you” and “Beautiful love” formed a fundamental part of the presentation.

with new grandson

towards the end part, someone called him from the bottom of the stage and I give him a photograph of something that moved you.

“I will have a new grandson”, he exclaimed as he held the image in his hand.

He never said which of his children will give him a baby and just congratulated them.