Aleks Syntek attacks Dani Flow and this is how the reggaeton player responded

Aleks Syntek starred in a curious moment on social networks.


Aleks Syntek and Dani Flow They were involved in a clash on social networks that quickly unleashed angry criticism of the interpreter of Sex, modesty or tears…and it all started with an animated character.

In social networks, There have already been hundreds of Dani Flow fans who have compared the reggaeton player to “Vector”, the popular character that appears in films like My favorite villain and Minionsand they have asked him to lend his voice instead of Alex Syntekwho has played the character since his first appearance.

In fact, Dani Flow has shown itself more than willing to please his fans and give voice to “Vector” in his new short film, Lunatic…however, no one counted on that Aleks would “take out his claws”, attacking the reggaeton playerwhich unleashed all kinds of criticism and even a response from Dani himself.


Aleks Syntek, in fact, is already promoting the new “Vector” short film, Lunaticbut all his publications in social networks have been flooded with comments from Dani Flow fanswho have not stopped asking that the reggaeton player provide the voice of the friendly villain.


♬ Lunar Eclipse – Special Edition – Playa Limbo & Aleks Syntek

At first Alex Syntek54, was simply ignoring the comments, but apparently He couldn’t take it anymore and exploded against one of Dani Flow’s fans in the comments section of TikTok, a platform where he uploaded a promotional Lunatic:

“But does he know how to read? Because you need to read the script, damn!” wrote Aleks Syntek, unleashing the fury of Dani Flow’s followers and even the reggaeton player himselfwho did not hesitate to respond with an acidic message that, although short, was forceful:

Aleks Syntek1.jpg

“Always wanting to be me”wrote Dani Flow in the comments of the TikTok video, unleashing the fury of his followers, who They do not lose hope of seeing it as “Vector”…even if Aleks Syntek doesn’t want to.