Alemán denounced his ex-girlfriend Akasha for extortion: “I feel like I’m not a man” VIDEO


Raúl Alemán details what his relationship with the influencer Akasha was like and how things got worse until he reached the complaint he filed against his ex-partner for threats and extortion on Wednesday, January 3, just one day after offering her a public apology. , since on December 8, the woman publicly accused him of physically and verbally violating her.

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Alemán denounced his ex-girlfriend Akasha for extortion: “I feel like I’m not a man” VIDEO

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On December 8, your ex-partner publicly denounced that he was a victim of violence on your part. How did they get to that point?

It’s not that everything happened in that time, when she published it, there are different situations in which, unfortunately, we both fell.

We had a very codependent relationship, to an exaggerated level, and we began to lose respect, we began to insult each other and exceeded limits that affected us, that affected me. To begin with, I allowed things that I shouldn’t have as a man, because I should have had the courage to walk away at first and I always reproach myself for that, I feel a little like a man for not being able to turn around, but I was super in love with her, which I was never in my relationships with other girls, I was with her.

What are you talking about?

To which I gave myself completely, I took her on all my tours, on my trips; In fact, she gave her work on my tours, I never left her alone so that she felt that security of being with me. I know that the image I give of being a rapper is: “he’s a bastard…, an infidel…”, but the truth is that we are professional people, and I, being completely dedicated to it, missed the point. respect with slaps and pushes that (she gave him) and I allowed; That’s how she escalated this situation.

Did you hit her?

No, and I do want to emphasize that, I never hit her, that’s why she has never received a blow to her face, she never reported that she had a broken rib, I would never dare to give her a damn…, what I always did was contain their attacks. I come from a family in which my parents are already married for 40 years and I always see them hugging, holding hands… And I, in her (in Akasha), saw the whole package: her face, Her way of being… everything filled me with her and I bet on her, because I wanted her for my family, to see her shine along with me. I met her when she had less than 100 thousand followers on Instagram and I supported her to grow, because I thought that, if she grew, we would both grow, and that was the beautiful thing, that’s why I bet everything on her, but they happened things and they escalated.

There were many insecurities of hers about me, when we went out it was always: “You’re turning to the right and there’s that girl…”, and the whole night was a super fight, and I became the same as her, it was a very codependent If at the time I didn’t want to say anything, it was because she was found… and because I still love her, that’s why I didn’t want to publish anything, because I didn’t want to expose her in this way.

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You talk about love, is there a possibility of reconciliation?

No, because I no longer wanted to even have children with her, with what she did I lost the desire to form a family with her. She exposed me this way, even knowing the work I have done throughout my life, because she knows that I do not come from a rich family, that no one gave me anything, no one sponsored me, everything has been merely thanks to the fans who listen to my music and that made me grow as a rapper… and I never thought that she was going to hurt me and expose me like that.

What prompted you to speak?

That she is not tempting my heart to ask me for exuberant amounts of money, which I don’t even have and which I have never seen. Why am I going to give you money?

You filed a complaint for extortion and threats against him…

That’s right, because after the conference her lawyers contacted us and asked us for millions of dollars in exchange for her not going out to make more publications. Their position is: “If you don’t give me money, I’ll go up and say something that will destroy you.” ”.

Have you had any contact with her?

No, I cut off all communication because she played with me, with my feelings, she talked to me and said: “How is your dad?”, and after a while she told me to talk to her lawyers, she has like two crazy personalities, and I blocked her.

What have you learned from this situation?

Well, I’m taking therapy, and I’ve always gotten emotional releases through music. When my brother died, for example, I made a song for him. They recommended that I get all my feelings out in the recording studio and I do it. I made a album called Confessions, in which I talk about this whole situation, in which I recognize my mistakes, that I still love her, that it is very difficult to love someone and that together they destroy each other, it is a situation that had not happened to me.


Akasha posted some disturbing photos on her Instagram stories.


Do you regret anything?

Yes, I really regret not having turned around, for having lost respect, and for not having the nerve to leave when there were situations of discussion, but I didn’t want to let her go, I didn’t want to lose her, that was the problem. and now there are the consequences.

After the complaint you made, do you regret the public apology you offered?

Not at all, that was part of what my dad told me: “Regardless of what happened, you apologize, and also apologize to your fans,” and that was a decision I made for my followers, because I have grown so much because of them. . Due to the situation and the way things turned out, I had to come forward and offer a public apology, but that unleashed another reaction and that is why we made the decision to file a complaint.