Alert in Brussels for a bomb threat written in Russian

Police in Brussels (Reuters) (YVES HERMAN /)

The European Comission informed the police that he received a email written in Russian about a possible attack on the Brussels metro for this Wednesdaywhich sparked an investigation despite the fact that they maintain that the threat is “little credible”.

the french newspaper le soir reported that the investigation is in the hands of the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, while the Crisis Center is monitoring the situation and the federal police (railway police) carried out checks in the metro overnight. Patrols have been reinforced to guarantee the safety of citizens.

The Crisis Center reported that “the Coordinating Body for Threat Analysis (OCAM) has assessed this threat as unlikely” and that “no additional measures are needed” while they continue to closely monitor the situation.

According to the report of the security services of the European Commission, consulted by le soir, a person contacted the European institution by email twice recently. His first shipment of February 16 contained nothing alarming, while the second sent on March 3 was clearly a threatening message: “As the EU continues its aggressive policy, I want to warn about the start of massive terrorist attacks on the territory of the EU,” he announces in Russian.

Then warns about the “elimination” of the “LGBT and other minorities” community and attacks against heads of state and government. Finally, the email ends with a precise threat: “On March 8, the metro in Brussels will be operated between Yser and Rogier” (two stations of the northern segment of the metro).

The headquarters of the European Commission has already had other threats (Reuters / file)
The headquarters of the European Commission has already had other threats (Reuters / file) (YVES HERMAN /)

Police said they took the threat seriously. “We did a sweep with police dogs capable of detecting explosives that was negative, but we remain very vigilant, all the police services are on alert,” he informed le soir.

The defense ministers of the European Union (EU) are evaluating on Wednesday in an informal meeting ways to urgently provide Ukraine with the ammunition it needs to undertake the counteroffensive against the Russian invasion, but the meeting is taking place in Stockholm.

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