Alex Kaffie says “Miss Larva” TO HIS FACE and Laura Bozzo fights back live

For years, Alex Kaffie has referred to Laura Bozzo as “Larva de América” ​​in his columns for different media, and on the morning of this September 22 he was able to tell her face to face.

It happened in the program Sale el sol, where the presenter arrived before her return to Imagen Televisión. Recalling her controversial moments in The House of Celebrities, Alex Kaffie questioned her about the “disgusting” that emanates from her through her mouth, for which Bozzo replied: “Just like you!”

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“You also throw crap out of your mouth… But I have a problem, I don’t know if you have a similar one. I am a person who, many times, is right, but the way I say things destroys all reason that I have. If I said things intelligently and without offending, I would show that I am right”, said Laura Bozzo.

Laura Bozzo confessed that after living in The House of Celebrities, she learned not to offend people and even set an example that she treated Alex Kaffie with care. However, Ana María Alvarado began to laugh and the journalist made an incredulous face.

In fact, when the section started, Alex Kaffie told her “Miss larva” at her house, to which she replied: “I’d rather be a larva than obese”…

Later, Kaffie said that he would like to go to his program to star in the case: “The obese is removed, the larva is not.”

But Bozzo replied: “The obese is removed, the larva is not, I love it. And I’m also going to do another one that says ‘You rejuvenate yourself with silver, but the gross is not taken away by anyone'”.

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