Alexa already makes free calls to phone numbers in Mexico

You can call phone numbers from Alexa (Photo: EP) (AMAZON/)

“Alexa, call mom”: This is one of the new options already available in Mexico for echo speakers. Now users who have one of the assistants can request to be dialed to mobile phones and landlines at no cost.

Recipients will be able to see the call on their phone from the sender’s number. This call function that has just arrived in Mexico it’s different than calls between devices with Alexa.

These new calls to phone numbers from the Echoes pretend to be phone calls. They are actually done via the Internet, either using WiFi or mobile data from the application and they have no cost for numbers in the United States and Canadaaccording to Amazon.

To start enjoying free calls from Mexico with Alexa, just follow these steps:

Alexa on Amazon Echo devices (Photo: Amazon/dpa)
Alexa on Amazon Echo devices (Photo: Amazon/dpa) (Amazon/)

– Go to the Alexa app and select the section Communication.

– Select the contact icon located in the upper right corner.

– Follow the instructions of the application that appear on the screen as Link cell number.

After pairing, Alexa can be asked, either from the app or the Echo speaker, to call one of the contacts, using the usual command that is activated by saying “Alexa” or by saying the number, “Alexa, call 55 XXX XXXXXX”.

As mentioned above these calls are to phone numbers and not between Alexa devices. The last type of calls that were already available in the region for a long time.

Alexa Together.  (photo:
Alexa has several functions (Photo:

It’s important pointing that the contact to be called via Alexa does not need to have an Echo or the app installedand when the call comes in they will see the phone number that was registered on the screen.

How to change Alexa’s voice

This trick (which is not so secret) is really one of the most interesting of this virtual assistant: the technology of the Echo allows to change the voice of Alexabut not only his tone but also the language in which he speaks, and in some countries even his accent.

1. To set up this option, just open the Alexa app on your mobile device and tap on the power symbol. Plus (all three lines).

2. Now go to Setting and then to Device configuration

3. You will need to find the Echo device you want to set up and select the language you want it to have. Finally, give in To accept.

Alexa can open smart locks, or turn lights on and off (Photo: Amazon)
Alexa can open smart locks, or turn lights on and off (Photo: Amazon)

Although the changes take a few minutes to implement, rest assured that Alexa will communicate in the language you chose.

“Goodbye Alexa”

Finally, we must talk about one of the points that most worries all the women who are called Alexandra or the men whose name is Alexander and who, of course, have the nicknames “Alexa” or “Alex”. It can be tedious that when naming them, the first thing I hear is the Echo responding to a call that no one made.

To avoid this inconvenience, it is best to choose another word to activate Alexa. Options could include: Amazon, Echo and Computer; that will surely be unmistakable with the names of the members of any household.

The change is made easily by opening the Alexa application, going to Setting, Select your Echo and finally tapping on Wake Word. There a list of words will be displayed and you just have to choose the one you want.


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