Alexa commands to use at your Halloween party

Halloween is approaching and it’s the perfect time to organize a party with a spooky theme and of course with the help of technology. If you have a device Amazon Alexayou’re lucky, since Alexa can become your personal assistant to make sure your party is a success.

Here we present some commands from Alexa to use at your Halloween partyfrom music to the best drinks, everything to spend a great night of terror with your friends or family.

Preparations for Halloween

Alexa helps you with drinks, decoration and everything you need to receive your guests. Do you want to prepare special drinks for your party? Alexa can provide you with themed cocktail and drink recipes. Try saying, “Alexa, how do you make a Halloween cocktail?”

Do you need ideas to decorate your home in a terrifying way? Ask to Alexa for decorating tips Halloween and surprise your guests with a haunted house.

If you’re planning a horror movie night, Alexa can provide you with information about movies, like the cast, plot and reviews. You just have to ask, “Alexa, what horror movie do you recommend?”

Music and sounds for the occasion

Alexa can play playlists Halloween and spooky songs to create the right environment. Try saying, “Alexa, play Halloween music” or “Alexa, play scary songs.”

Also Alexa It can play creepy sounds in the background, to create a chilling atmosphere at your party. Try commands like “Alexa, play storm sounds” or “Alexa, ghost sounds.”

Terrifying activities

There is no better way to break the ice at a party. than with a good joke. Ask Alexa to share Halloween jokes and have fun with your guests.

To raise the level of mystery, ask Alexa to tell a horror story. Try commands like “Alexa, tell me a Halloween story” or “Alexa, do you have any scary stories?”

Surprise your guests with mysterious questions. Ask Alexa to ask Halloween questions like “Alexa, What’s the scariest costume you’ve ever seen?

And of course take advantage of the games and interactive activities it offers Alexa to entertain your guests. You can try “Alexa, play ‘Truth or Dare Halloween'” or “Alexa, guess the horror character.”

Whether you want to set you party with music, entertainment or even with culinary recommendations, Alexa has a wide range of commands that can make your Halloween party an unforgettable experience.