Alexa Parra’s lawyer assures that Héctor Parra was not acquitted; Daniela, the actor’s daughter, responds

This Thursday night Olivia Rubio, litigator on behalf of Alexa Parra, who accused his father of sexual abuse, assured that the actor was found guilty of corruption of minors, for which he will be sentenced next Thursday.

The live on Instagram, in which they were present Alexa and Rubioit was given minutes after The actor’s defense assured in the Reclusorio Oriente that his client had been acquitted of the seven sexual crimes he had against him, only missing the of corruption of minors.

According to Rubio what actually happened was that the judge determined add everything up as corruption of minors.

«From the facts and evidence it was proven that Alexa had been a victim on his father’s side from 6 to 14 years of multiple sexual abuse, that could not be determined if they were 7, 20 or 200, that’s what he said literally, and since it cannot be determined if there had been 7, 20 or 200, the criminal type that best covered all these behaviors It is the criminal type of corruption of minors aggravated by the relationship (father-daughter). And since this offense includes all acts of abuse, I was not going to convict each of the acts of abuse, but in conjunction with corruption,” he said.

And he stressed that, at least, he will have a sentence of 10 and a half years.

“Mr. Héctor N was not acquitted and released, at least for the crime of corruption converted in an aggravated way, at least they are 10 years and six months (sentence), The defense knows this, at least they should understand it and any information other than this is a misrepresentation, “he stressed.

Alexa assured, after a user’s request to show the tests, they can be seen in a documentary which is being prepared.

“We always had faith (in justice), as they themselves said (the defense) the truth always comes to light and fortunately it is happening,” said the young woman.

The lawyer, for her part, advanced the possibility that there is an appeal by the defense, but they will win again.