Alexander explodes against the nutritionist of ‘La Academia’ and the public remembers her from ‘Falling in love’

After Santiago appeared at ‘the Academy’, a controversy broke out over the food that the students take within the reality show, and that triggered Alexander Acha to ask the production to fire the nutritionist who had influenced the food of the students. academics.

According to Alexander Acha, when mentioning why young people do not perform at their best on stage, food was a problem in recent days. It is about Montse Barojas “La Comadre”, who did not remain silent before the comments against her and her dismissal live on television.

She warned: “I’m not going to go again! By God, it wasn’t even enough for the protein…” . According to Montse, the production of ‘La Academia’ does not have enough money to feed its students properly: “It was the best week they ate well, because I asked them for almond milk, oatmeal, peanut butter, I have a lot of evidence that they didn’t , nothing to do with it. When I entered, it’s called empathy, you have to have empathy with the students. I don’t come to teach nutrition classes, I explained to them but I never took food away from them, they have bad brains.”

“The fact that they don’t have a budget for their food, and that on one occasion they made roast beef, it’s not enough to eat Zunio, they give them a breast, is that going to fill them up after doing a lot of exercise?” Montse said.

However, while some believe her, others point out that she had been on television as a contestant on “Falling in Love” and that she actually studied marketing…

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And some more joke with memes about Montse, who has already changed her Instagram profile to private, to avoid comments.