Alexei Navalny announced the creation of a union for prisoners and workers in Russian prisons

Political prisoner Alexei Navalni announced the creation of a union for detainees and workers in Russian prisons (YURI KOCHETKOV/)

The influential Russian opponent Alexei Navalnywho is incarcerated in a high-security penal colony, announced Thursday the creation of a union to denounce the labor exploitation to which prisoners are subjected in Russian prisons.

“Hello, this is Navalny, leader and founder of ‘promzone’ a union of citizens employed in the prison system”, he indicated in a Telegram message in which He explained that the creation of the union is “completely legal regardless of what the administration considers.”

He explained that “not only prisoners can participate but also the workers of the colony and any other worker in the prison system.” “We know that the rights of prisoners are systematically violatedand that is why we have created this group”, he added.

“There are some 600,000 prisoners in Russia right now and most of them do jobs. It is complete slavery, with hardly any free time and in terrible conditions,” he asserted. “Yes, most of them are criminals or have committed crimes, but they must serve their sentences within the framework of the law and work according to current regulations,” he continued.

The opposition leader of Vladimir Putin stressed that the rights of those who are in prison, serving a sentence or serving, are systematically violated
The opposition leader of Vladimir Putin stressed that the rights of those who are in prison, serving a sentence or serving, are systematically violated (ANTON DROBYSHEVSKY /)

In this sense, he stressed that “he has always supported the unions” and has emphasized that it is important to “fight for improvements in working conditions and salary increases.”

“I am a worker in a colony. And other prisoners are also workers. Security guards are too. In terms of workers’ rights we are no different. We can form a union to protect our rights,” she argued.

Nevertheless, said he was aware of the danger he faces: “generally those who declare the strike risk being tortured or even worse”.


Recently, Navalny he recounted in a sarcastic tone, his day to day in the high security prison to which he was transferredbetween sewing workshops and “educational” sessions, which take place under the portrait of President Vladimir Putin.

Following the entry into force of a new court sentence, the opponent was transferred in mid-June to a prison located about 250 km east of Moscow, known by the mistreatment of detainees.

Alexei Navalny in prison
Navalny’s post on his Instagram account

In a message posted on Instagram alongside a photo of him at a fence, Navalny gave details of his life in prison. Every day she gets up at 06:00 am, and works in a sewing workshop that is in the establishment.

“We spend seven hours in front of a sewing machine, sitting on a stool lower than our knees”indicated the opponent.

In addition, he reported that when not sewing, she must carry out “educational activities” consisting of “sitting for hours on a bench under a portrait of Putin”.

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