Alexis Vega went partying before debuting at Toluca: this is how the networks reacted

Network users called Alexis Vega undisciplined.


Football player Alexis Vegarecently incorporated into Deportivo Tolucahas generated controversy on social networks after being caught at a party before his official debut with the club.

Criticism rains down on Alexis Vega after partying

In a video that circulates on various platforms, you can see Alexis Vega at a party in Metepec, accompanied by the band group called ‘High level’. Although the video shows no indication that the footballer stayed up late or consumed any type of substance, his appearance at the party has attracted attention on social networks.

@altonivel__oficial One of #alexisvega plebada🔥🔥🎸 #viral #fyp #altonivel__oficial ♬ original sound – Alto Nivel

The leak of the video has generated a variety of reactions online. While some users have defended Vega, others have criticized her behavior, reminding him of his past episodes of indiscipline.

Let us remember that Alexis Vega He has been the subject of controversy in the past due to his off-field behavior. He was separated from Guadalajara Sports Club for committing a foul at the concentration hotel in Toluca. Furthermore, during the pandemic, she starred in another scandal by uploading a video with Uriel Antuna, where they both appeared partying with alcoholic drinks in hand.

alexis vega.jpg

Network users criticized the footballer, calling him undisciplined.


The recent controversy of Alexis Vega has reignited concerns about his off-field behavior. As he prepares for his debut with the Deportivo Tolucafans and critics will be watching closely to see if he can maintain his focus on the field.

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