Alfredo Adame and La Divaza kiss on the mouth inside “The House of the Famous”

The 65-year-old driver and the 25-year-old YouTuber starred in a controversial moment in the reality show

A few hours have passed since the fourth season of “The house of the famous” from Telemundo and controversial moments have already happened, such as the tremendous kiss on the mouth that the actor gave each other Alfredo Adameand the influencer The Divaza.

“Close your eyes and stop,” the actor told his colleague and soon he approached him to kiss him on the lips, with which everyone became excited and jumped for this challenge they fulfilled.

Moments later, the host Nacho Lozano asked La Divaza: “What do Adame’s kisses taste like?”, so he responded as follows:

“There is always a degenerate who loves the old man; “You have to eat everything,” something that amused the participants,” said the internet celebrity, while the presenter commented:

“His mother told him before coming: Adame was my boyfriend, so he took advantage,” mentioned the controversial actor.

Pedro Luis Joao Figueira Álvarez, better known by his stage name La Divaza, is a Venezuelan-Mexican YouTuber, internet celebrity and actor, recognized for being one of the first YouTubers from Venezuela to achieve international popularity.

Leslie, Emilio’s girlfriend, confronts Adame about Wendy

Another moment that Adame experienced at the start of this confinement was the confrontation with the girlfriend of actor Emilio Osorio: Leslie Gallardowho pointed out that he questioned Adame for his comments about Wendy Guevara.

The former participant of “Acapulco Shore” spoke with her roommates to whom she told what the host also said, who argued that in the past he had a program in which he supported trans people, gays and “that type of things,” he said.

“When I saw that interview (in which Adame spoke badly of Guevara) I said: if for you Wendy is not a woman, for me you are not a human being, it’s that simple, for me it is hypocrisy that you say you support and that you say that you are within the community. My brother is transsexual, I’m going to raise my voice and if he doesn’t agree with me I’m going to tell you,” Leslie reflected.

Alfredo responded to Leslie that it was Wendy who started the fight by calling him “f—ing boy,” which “destroyed him,” according to Gallardo.

“If you attack, you are going to respond in the same way because it hit his ego, excuse me but if you talk about me I am going to break your mother,” concluded the young woman, former participant of “Acapulco Shore.”