Alfredo Adame got into a fight with a woman in the middle of the street

Alfredo Adame has always boasted that, in addition to being one of the ladies’ favorite actors and hosts in the ’90s, has the ‘short fuse’ when it comes to provocations, and this is confirmed with each of his lawsuits.

Whether with his ex, with Carlos Trejo, with Diana Golden or even Laura Bozzo, the presenter has become famous as a litigator and showed it off in the middle of the street.

A couple of videos circulate on social networks of a brawl that he carried out in the middle of the Periférico of Mexico City, where he faces blows with a woman and a man in what looks like a lawsuit after a crash. It is unknown if they are recent or archive videos, but they confirm that he is willing to do anything when they make him angry.

And it is that although there are no details of what happened, the woman is heard saying “Pay me!”, while Alfredo Adame demands that he return his cell phone. The woman does not return it, and then they end up in a grab to which is added a man who knocks the actor down.

The former candidate for local deputy in Tlalpan, He is also in dispute with his children, to whom he does not speak.

“I have no interest in restarting that relationship, it’s already broken. I’m in the era of disconnection. Not even resigned, it went to the drawer of unimportant matters,” he said.

In an interview with First Impact, Adame said that he “prefers to burn himself in green firewood” than reconcile with his enemies, such as Laura Bozzo, Carlos Trejo and El Rey Grupero.