Alfredo Adame now attacks Lupillo Rivera, will there be blows in The House of the Famous 4?

The presence of Alfredo Adame in The House of the Famous has generated many expectations.

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Alfredo Adame has not yet entered The house of the famous 4 and has already begun to generate controversy with his statements: a few days ago, he made it clear that will arrive “in a flirtation plan” to the reality show; Now, he went straight against Lupillo Rivera.

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For this new season, Telemundo did not hesitate to call celebrities who are a guarantee of controversybecause in addition to Alfredo Adame also Lupillo Rivera will be therea celebrity recognized for his explosive character and having a “very short fuse.”

During an interview for the program All for womenAlfredo Adame was very clear when ensure that you are serious about renting The house of the famousas he assured that he will not hesitate to resort to all possible measures in order to win the biggest prize.


It was in this recent talk that Alfredo Adame was questioned about Frida Sofía’s participation in The house of the famous 4: The famous person accepted that he does not know further details about this matter and, instead, preferred to focus on the people confirmed in the reality show: for example, Lupillo Rivera.

“If you don’t let me sleep before nine or 10 at night, I’m going to fumigate you with my bacteriological chemical weapon.”

“Lupillo Rivera, that boy is a very party animal. If he doesn’t let me sleep before nine or 10 at night I’m going to fumigate it with my bacteriological chemical weapon, which is nocturnal flatulence.”said Adame with a laugh, who assured that he will ensure that all other tenants respect him.

Although Alfredo Adame’s controversial statements were said in a joking tonethere were many Internet users who expressed your worry because the driver has already had a history of being a conflictive person.

For example, in the program the sun rises, Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Ana María Alvarado had already declared that Telemundo puts itself at risk by calling on unstable people in order to generate ratings:

“In their desire to generate scandals and generate controversy, they have to think very carefully about what elements they bring in, because In order to put on a show they bring in Alfredo Adame and they bring in people who may get out of control“said Ana María Alvarado.