Alfredo Adame reacted to the departure of Laura Bozzo in LCDLF2

“Out with the mummy” was expressed badly about the driver and that she declared her desire to see her sunk in jail

On Monday, August 1, the television host Laura Bozzo was eliminated from the reality show La casa de los celebrities and Alfredo Adame, with whom she has had lawsuits in the past, reacted in a not so friendly way towards the Peruvian departure.

Apparently, the actor is on the side of Ivonne Montero, since in addition to insulting Laura, he expressed all his support for the finalist of The House of Celebrities.

“Blessed be God, out the mummy. Ivonne Montero we are with you, “the actor commented on his Twitter account.

Upon learning of their elimination Laura Bozzo reacted relieved, and even said that she did not need to fight for any prize, that she gave them the 200 thousand dollars.

And it is that both have shown not to have a good relationship. The problem began when Laura was questioned about her opinion about artists who got involved in politics, to which she replied that after what she lived in Peru, she believed that no one from that field should get involved in that world.

That was explained by the same driver, in the program called Laura uncensored, where Alfredo Adame said that for that reason he had gone against her, since he expressed himself badly about him for being in politics.

“I do accept constructive criticism, what I do not accept is destructive, ignorant criticism,” Adame declared, to which Laura replied that saying what she did not think was not being ignorant. “Yes, I think that an artist, be you or whoever you are, he shouldn’t get involved in politics, which disgusts me”.

The history of their problems began in those moments, however, after years, the bad expressions they make of each other have not stopped to date.

For her part, the driver has not yet responded to Alfredo Adame’s statements, since she just left the reality show yesterday and apparently, she will have to face legal problems.