Alfredo Adame reacts to the lawsuit and calls Gustavo Adolfo Infante a “poor self-conscious dwarf devil”

The lawsuit between Alfredo Adame and Gustavo Adolfo Infante continues and became so acute that the CDMX Attorney General’s Office has already summoned the actor to a hearing scheduled for July 5, to respond to the lawsuit filed by the journalist against him for offending his mother, 85 years old.

And although Infante’s lawyer, Alfonso Beceiroensure that Adame could spend up to three years in prison, the actor assures that this is not possible, and incidentally, he insulted the journalist…

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What do you think of what Gustavo Adolfo Infante said on the First Hand program regarding the lawsuit against you? What this little guy does seems idle to me, because there is no other way to call him, he is not a journalist nor does he have a professional license, he has only shown a diploma from the Carlos Septién School and a photo of his generation; and with respect to his lawyer (Alfonso Beceiro), it makes me sad that he allows himself to be manipulated by this guy (…) he makes me a stupid and ignorant lawyer; stupid because he allows himself to be manipulated by a guy like this, and ignorant because he doesn’t know the laws.

Why did things get to this point? What happened is that after a year of receiving insults and threats from this guy, from Gustavo Adolfo Infante, I burst out and answered him. He was attacking me on his show during my political campaign, saying not to vote for me and accusing me of laundering money, trafficking Nigerian children, selling weapons, having dealings with drug traffickers and carrying weapons without permission, until he told him I answered: “If you want us to go back to the origins, we are going to talk about your dark and black past, in which your mother was a witch, she did this and that, and you were a 10-year-old boy and your mother gave them drugs …”. He kept attacking, trying to humiliate me, until I got fed up again and I answered him again and again.

Will you introduce yourself to the audience? Yes, on July 5 I will be in room 17 of the courts, I received a summons from the Superior Court of Justice of the CDMX, and of course I will appear to answer whatever I have to answer.

It was said that if you were guilty you could spend up to three years in prison… The crime for which I am accused is not serious and does not deserve prison – that is why I say that Gustavo’s lawyer is stupid and ignorant – the most that can happen is that they impose a fine on me or decide that I go to trial anti-discrimination therapy. The summons says that I must appear to offer my statement regarding discrimination. Infante, stupidly, said that he was going to tell me about his mother, and filed a criminal complaint with the Special Prosecutor for Crimes Committed against Journalists (FEADP), but he did not proceed, nor did he pay any attention to him. they made.

So you don’t have an arrest warrant? The only thing they sent me was a restriction not to get close to him, not to talk about him or anything. I went to the Prosecutor’s Office and asked them why I received a complaint from the FEADP if Gustavo is not a journalist, I showed them that he does not appear in the registry of professions, that is, he does not have a degree in Journalism and is usurping the profession (…) .

“He is a poor self-conscious, frustrated, bitter dwarf devil, who has a black past with problems of alcoholism, drug addiction and sexual harassment.”

Have you considered offering a public apology to his mom? If at the hearing, which is conciliatory, the lady tells me: “I think you offended me”, as a gentleman and courteous man that I am with women, I will offer her an apology, but it is not that I accept that I have discriminated against her and that has committed gender-based violence, because I am not accused of that, only of discrimination (…) I did not mention the name of the lady, I spoke of the story of Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

And you wouldn’t offer Gustavo an apology to end the lawsuit once and for all? If in the Prosecutor’s Office they tell me: “Offer an apology to the lady, I’m going to give it to her, but I’m not offering anything to Gustavo Adolfo, the only thing I’m going to give him is a couple of slaps so that he gets rid of the pend. .. and filthy.

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You have just emerged victorious from a reality show and you are already in legal trouble, how do you feel? These poor devils want their five minutes of fame, hang on me to stand out. Gustavo Adolfo Infante is a poor devil who has no rating, so what do I feel? Frustration, bitterness, complexes and envy are very light sleepers and I’m used to that, I’ve been a successful man all my life. my life, I’m handsome, famous, millionaire, talented, demanding and good for the ching…