Alfredo Adame says that the birth of Michelle Salas was ‘abnormal’ and generates controversy

Alfredo Adame did not take long to make another scandalous comment that quickly went viral.

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Alfredo Adame is back in social media trends due, again, to a controversial comment that immediately caused controversy; On this occasion, the driver did not hesitate to get on the topic of the moment: Michelle Salas and her father, Luis Miguel.

Not happy with the conflicts he is currently having with the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, now Alfredo Adame did not miss the opportunity comment on the birth of Michelle Salas with a comment that was described by many as in bad taste.

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It was during a meeting with the media that Alfredo Adame spoke about Michelle Salas and her recent wedding in Italian Tuscany with the businessman of Venezuelan origin Danilo Diaz. All the details of the lavish wedding monopolized the covers of magazines, newspapers and, of course, social networks, being the favorite topic of discussion among Internet users.

Alfredo Adame spoke about Luis Miguel’s presence at the wedding, although He strongly criticized everything that happened in relation to the birth of Michelle Salas, statements that were not taken very well.


Alfredo Adame, who for many months became a trend due to his strong exchanges of statements with Carlos Trejo, “The Ghostbusters”, declared that he thought it It was appropriate that Luis Miguel attended Michelle Salas’ wedding, his daughter; however, He questioned everything that happened around the birth of the girl.

“The situation in which she had a daughter was totally abnormal, that is, it was not normal.”

The driver generated a great controversy by describing as “abnormal” the fact that Luis Miguel had a daughter. This is what he declared:

Luis Miguel He is a star, he is an icon, he is a legendary character, it’s the whole thing. And well, “The situation in which she had a daughter was totally abnormal, that is, it was not normal.”assured Alfredo Adame, who also took time to comment on the issue of Aracely Arámbula.

“I adore Araceli, I have impressive respect for Luis Miguel for being who he is and that doesn’t concern me. I don’t get involved in those matters, I was not there between the four walls, I don’t know what was said or why what happened happened.but well, she is within her rights, she has two children,” Adame concluded.