Alfredo Adame wants MORE: He will resume his lawsuit against Carlos Trejo and he has already accepted the shot!

Alfredo Adame It is a trend in social networks after his street fight with a woman, and he has also already accepted the proposal that the fighter and businessman Alberto del Rio threw him a few days ago via TV and novels: hold a martial arts match with Carlos Trejo.

In an interview, the driver reveals to us that he is willing to remove the restriction order which he filed against Ghostbusters so they can face each other in a ring. He warns that his ailments, tendinitis and neuropathy, will not prevent him from finally facing Trejo after 17 years of explosive rivalry.

Alberto del Río wants to resume your fight against Carlos Trejo… I already answered that I accept, that I’m set. Alberto del Río and his company doing it is fine, because last time we were going to organize it ourselves, and then this guy (Trejo) said that he was putting it together with his lawyer, and when the time came he cracked; they had sold almost four thousand tickets for Forum 360 and they stole the money, they didn’t return it.

Did you get anything from the sale of those tickets? Absolutely nothing, that was a fraud by Trejo’s rat and his lawyer; I am terrified. In 17 years I have sung it to him four times to break his snout, the same times that he has run away; He’s a coward, but I’m on. It said that I asked for a restraining order, I take it away!

So, is it a fact that there will be a fight between you in 2022? It’s a fact, I say yes, and it’s a fact that this one is going to be done everywhere, like it did the past few times, it’s going to play dumb. All he wants is to eat from me; He has no chance with me, and he knows it well.

Do you have someone to prepare you for the fight? My coaches are Israel López, who is sixth dan in taekwondo, and Gil Nava, who has a martial arts school.

What martial arts do you dominate? I am a black belt in karate, a fourth dan black belt in taekwondo, I studied krav maga, Russian sambo, kickboxing, boxing and jiu-jitsu, among many others.

How do you feel physically for the confrontation? I have tendonitis in both shoulders, and neuropathy in the wrist of my left arm; I am going to treatment in the state of Morelos. Tendonitis is the second time it has happened to me; as I practice martial arts and go to the gym every day, I underwent treatment with a doctor and they removed it in 10 sessions; They put a hot pad on you, the Russian current, they give you massages… Then what they call a very painful neuropathy appeared on the wrist on the left side, and I’m treating it; I go two or three times a week all day and I return to Mexico City.

Aren’t you at a disadvantage for the fight with these maladies? N’man! Right now I can get to grips with you and whoever you want; tendinitis the only thing that affects me is that when I’m watching television, I put my hands on the back of my neck and, when I put them down, it hurts, but I don’t have any disadvantage.


CARLOS TREJO MOCKED ADAME AND ALREADY ACCEPTED THE SHOT. On his Instagram account, Ghostbusters taunted Adame in their street brawl, accepting the challenge to finally get into a fight with his arch-rival.