Alfredo Adame will be in “The House of the Famous” and he confirms it in this way

Adame will live 24 hours a day with celebrities like Lupillo Rivera and “La Bebeshita”

A week after starting broadcasts, the controversial actor Alfredo Adame was confirmed to join the fourth season of Telemundo’s “The House of the Famous,” which will begin next January 23.

This news was announced through a video where the voice of the Boss, the omnipresent voice of this reality show, speaks to the presenter as well to invite him to be part of the new stage of the program.

“Alfredo, I just saw you on the Telemundo screens, would you dare to spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week in front of the cameras? If so, I invite you to a new season of ‘The House of the Famous’, what do you say, do you accept?” said the Boss, while Adame responded as follows:

“But, of course, of course! “I’m dying to go to ‘The House of the Famous, thank you, where do I go, where do I show up?” said the 65-year-old artist.

Which celebrities will be in The House of the Famous?

Alfredo Adame will live 24 hours a day along with Lupillo Rivera, Daniela Alexis better known as “La Bebeshita”, Mariana González, Pedro Figueira “La Divaza”, Ariadna Gutiérrez who was Miss Colombia in 2015, coming in second place.

As well as Alana Lliteras winner of “MasterChef Junior México” and “Top Chef VIP 2”, Fernando Lozada, Sophie Durand, Clovis Nienow, Carlos Gómez “El Canon” and La Bronca, who have also already been revealed.

He confuses his ex Magaly Chávez with Goku

Recently Alfredo Adame was a trend on social networks because in an interview he attended an interview with YouTuber Luisito Rey, where the actor attacked various personalities.

However, the moment that went viral was when the standup artist also asked him about the animated character “Goku,” but Adame responded by saying: “ah, you mean Magaly Chávez,” referring to his ex-partner.

Which generated laughter from the interviewer and immediately netizens talked about it, which many found funny.

After Adame and Chávez ended their relationship, the latter decided to sue the actor for alleged moral damage since he once said that she was a trans woman and that she had hidden being born as a man.