Alicia Machado burst into tears when she saw the video that Carmen Salinas dedicated to her

Alicia machado was crowned the winner of The House of the Famous, but faced reality with tears when he learned of the state of health of Carmen Salinas placeholder image and see a video that the actress recorded hours before falling into the eat of the one who has not yet awakened.

After almost three months of being on the air 24 hours a day, Alicia Machado was the favorite of the public and became the winner of a prize of USD 200 thousand, because according to data released by Telemundo, the Venezuelan was supported with 40,586,129.00 million votes by the public, positioning herself as the first place.

Upon leaving the house where she was held incommunicado most of the time, Machado found the news that her friend Carmelite Salinas had fallen into a coma since last Thursday and is unlikely that wake up again.

The actress started to watch the video happily, but cried when she found out the reality behind the images (Photo: screenshot / Instagram)

In addition to this, the former Miss Universe also received a video message by the actress, in which he sends his best wishes to her and to Pablo Montero, also a finalist.

“I congratulate with all my love my adored children Alicia Machado, whom I adore with all my soul, and my Pablito Montero, who apart from being my countryman is like my son, I love him very much and admire him a lot. Me I want you to winThat they win and that they bring the prize to me, they bring the prize here for me. I send you many kisses and blessings, take good care of yourselves, little children, I love them with all my heart and that they triumph I wish you with all my heart. Remember that I am the mommy Carmen Salinas who loves you ”, said the actress.

Both the singer and Alicia reacted sadly when they heard the bad news about Salinas’ state of health; Pablo Montero, evidently dismayed, assured that he will be accompanying the actress as much as possible, while the former beauty queen Broke in tears upon learning that this would have been the last material that Carmen recorded.

Alicia machado
Alicia Machado burst into tears when she learned that the video that Salinas recorded for her and Pablo Montero would have been her last recorded words before falling into a coma (Photo: screenshot / YouTube)

“Oh my life. Very sorry, I hope I can go see it and that they allow me to see it and bring a love and a hug to a woman as wonderful as her, ”Machado said through tears.

During the last episode of The House of the Famous, all the members of the reality show They were united despite the controversies that arose throughout the program. While it was revealed who had won from least to most votes to be the winner of the large prize, the five finalists held hands as a sign of the support they felt for each other despite the fights and misunderstandings who lived.

After leaving the house victorious, the Venezuelan said she had felt the love that she had not received for a long time, all thanks to the people who collaborated with her vote so that she was the winner of the night.

Both Mane and Alicia were happy when it was announced who of the two had been the winner of the award (Photo: screenshot / YouTube)

From the beginning of the program, Alicia positioned herself as one of the most controversial participants due to the statements she made, but she was also one of the most charismatic due to the way she related to the other contestants.

In an interview with People in spanish, she told herself inspired by this experience and hopes that this is the impetus to continue pursuing her dreams. “I take a suitcase full of experiences, lessons, I have learned many things from my colleagues, from coexistence in general. I think there are many elements of coexistence in here than out there They will be of much use to me to continue with my life, with my dreams”, He assured Machado.


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