Alicia Machado does not believe that there is reconciliation with Gaby Spanic

Alicia machado has no grudges against Gaby spanic but he also does not believe that there may be a reconciliation soon.

“With Gabriela it is a relationship that was fractured. For my part I am open but for now I do not see a need for a reunion. If life wants us to approach again for a project, that is how it will happen ”.

Gaby spanic

Machado and Spanic They had strong discussions within a reality show in which they participated and of which the former Miss Universe came out as the winner.

“I don’t live from controversy,” said Alicia.

My life has mistakes and successes, the basis of my permanence in this show business is my talent; Nobody stays in this business out of scandal, you also have to have a lot of talent and dedication. But sometimes my ideals are controversial. ”

Alicia macado He also denied that he had undergone an operation to lose 12 kilos, and assured that he has achieved everything based on a rigorous diet. She recalled that she is a breast cancer survivor and suffers from fibromyalgia. “It is not easy to recover from cancer and deal with the disease, so I am very proud of what I accomplished.”

Machado also spoke of Carmelita Salinas, who texted him days before slipping into a coma. “I am sure that he is going to recover. When I needed love from my mother and I was away from my family, she was there to support me ”.

Although he confessed that he has been a victim of gender violence, he did not want to reveal the name of the couple with whom he suffered this problem.

“I prefer not to touch that subject for my tranquility and my peace,” said Machado.