Alicia Machado reveals through tears details of the violence she experienced with José Manuel Figueroa

Alicia Machado is single and without fear, The actress recently ended her controversial romance with Cristian Estrada, ex of Frida Sofía and Ferka, with who he has a son; although at first the Venezuelan He defended Estrada tooth and nail from attacks, Their relationship ended recently, before he joined the reality show. “Secrets of the Indomitables”, transmitted by the Canela TV channel, where he gave details from one of his worst experiences, when he had a romantic relationship with José Manuel Figueroa.

The versions that Machado had experienced violence with José Manuel when she had just arrived in Mexico, circulated since the couple ended their relationship, she gave statements about it since then, However, it is only now that it gives details of the difficult situation he experienced and how he received support from his family, who sought to confront the singer at the time.

Alicia Machado recounts the violence she experienced with José Manuel Figueroa

Alicia Machado spoke through tears and in front of Paty Manterola, Yuri and Ninel Condeex-partner of Jose Manuel Figueroaone of the most traumatic episodes of his life, when she was a partner of José Manuel Figueroa, who hit her and threatened her so that she would not reveal what happened, because if she did she would kill her.

Machado called Figueroa a sexist and misogynist, He remembered when interpreter slapped him with which he ended up on the ground, In addition to kicking her and threatening to kill her so that he would not reveal anything to anyone, because if he did He was going to see that she was taken out of Mexico.

“The first thing he did was call me and threaten me, ‘I’m going to have you taken out of Mexico,’ that they take away your residence, I’m going to have you deported,’” he recalled; Before this situation he fled to his country, where his family was shocked when they found out what happened; his father, of impotence, He wanted to travel to Mexico to “kill” José Manuel.

“He is an extremely violent guy; the man who hits a woman like this He has two serious problems, a great inferiority complex, because he can’t be the same bastard cwith another male and unfortunately they are homosexualsbut because of their situation they cannot, so their way of getting out “That hatred towards that negative energy is attacking it,” Machado expressed in “Secrets of the Indomitables.”

This is not the first time that José Manuel Figueroa has been accused of being violent, Ninel Conde, His partner for several years also went through the same thing, as did his ex-partner, the model Farina Chaparro, who at the time denounced him; Figueroa is currently in a relationship with the model Marie Claire, participant of “The House of the Famous Mexico.”