All about Angélica Vale: Her struggles, failures and successes as ‘La fea más bella’, impersonator and host

It hasn’t been easy being Angelica Vale. Several times, the actress has said that since she was a child, she was persecuted by the idea that she had inherited the devil from her father instead of the angel from her mother.

Vale is the daughter of comedian Raúl Vale and actress and singer Angélica María, known as The Bride of Mexico.

At two months of age, Angélica had already made her debut on television: as a baby she appeared with her mother in the telenovela Elmiracle of living.

With the great artistic lineage of his family (his grandmother Angélica Ortiz was one of the most important producers in Mexico) Vale seemed to have assured success and in his childhood he combined theater and television.

  • the first stumble

His first big opportunity in youth soap operas also became a mark that has been difficult to overcome.

In the melodrama “Soñadoras”, Angélica Vale played a young woman with an eating disorder and obsessed with her physique. She herself, on her YouTube channel “Angelicales” told what happened in that soap opera.

“I have always had a fat complex; it’s more the complex than how fat I’ve been and all because of ‘Soñadoras’, where I came out of bulimic and came out saying all the time ‘I’m fat, I’m fat; and I think that people got that image that I’m fat”.

  • The gift he inherited from his father

The greatest inheritance that his father left him is his ability and talent for comedy, including imitations. In addition to acting in soap operas, Angélica Vale began to develop a career as an impersonator.

“I think it’s because I’ve known them for a long time,” Vale says when asked how he has managed to make such exact parodies of singers like Alejandra Guzmán, Paulina Rubio, Thalía and Gloria Trevi.

Angélica also tells that with none of them she has had problems due to imitations and that on the contrary, in the case of Alejandra she has even congratulated her and invited her to her house to rehearse the imitation and sing a duet.

  • The most beautiful was also the ugliest

The telenovela La fea más bella, based on “Betty la fea”, by Colombian writer Fernando Gaytán, became her great success on television. He took advantage of his talent for comedy to build a character different from the one in the original telenovela but one that enchanted viewers.

However, in an interview with Yordi Rosado, the actress said that Lety’s success and popularity were at the same time a reminder of several self-esteem problems that she had not overcome, which caused a deep emotional crisis in her.

“I thought I was ugly… well, I knew I wasn’t so thrown out on the street, but since my emotional life hadn’t gone well, they broke my snout every once in a while and I left because my self-esteem was bad.”

Remember that despite the success, a lot of emotional work was necessary so that, at the same time as her character as Lety, she could overcome the stereotype that afflicted her.

“It was beautiful because I started to heal there, Salvador Garcini (the director of the soap opera) tells me ‘Do you know why the soap opera doesn’t end?’ Because you don’t love yourself, you haven’t understood Lety, she is beginning to love herself and you don’t love yourself.

Your face is familiar to me

With the program of imitators “Your face sounds to me”, Angélica Vale has shown that she has overcome many of the problems of the past. With a high self-esteem and having learned to accept herself as she is, La Vale is today one of the stars of the program.

In her role as coach, La Vale has shown that she is not only good at imitating but also at teaching how to do it.

In this way, he has left behind that stage in which he had to endure bad moments, one of them when he suffered because they stopped talking to him on a program.

“They made me the law of the ice in a job. I came to the dressing room and nobody spoke to me, they didn’t say hello to me, I said ‘what am I doing here?’ ”, She told a year ago on his YouTube channel.

“They asked me, are you comfortable in your work? and I said ‘it doesn’t shock me to come, how could I be comfortable, and then they got angry that I said I wasn’t comfortable and I wasn’t happy at work”.

  • the new angelica

Today Angélica Vale has earned an important place in the artistic world, not only for her work as an actress, but also for being one of the best parodies of the show.

La Vale is back on the program “Tu cara me sonido”, in which she acts as coach and judge, a double challenge that adds to the difficult task she has at home as the mother of two little ones: Angélica and Daniel.

In an interview with TVyNovelas, she herself said: “I really sleep on planes, I have a long trip from Los Angeles to Miami, and that’s where I can lay my coyotitos because, really, yes, it’s skinny, the matter is strong, but I knew I wasn’t going to be very rested these weeks, so during the week I’m in Los Angeles with my children, and on weekends there (in Miami), but, obviously, during the week I don’t stop being in contact with the eight stars, because I give them advice and all the time I am watching their singing classes, their rehearsals, I am present by Zoom, technology has helped us a lot in that ”.