All the details of the relationship of Ana Araujo, Pablo Lyle’s ex, with her boyfriend Marco Lavin

Ana Araujo and her new relationship have unleashed all kinds of comments on social networks.


Ana Araujo was an important figure in the development of the case Pablo Lyle, an actor who was involved in a strong altercation in 2019 that culminated in the death of Juan Ricardo Hernández, 63 years old. Now, the interpreter’s ex-partner has decided to start over in love.

For a few months now, the fame by Ana Araujo has increased due to several factors: from Pablo Lyle’s legal problem in the United States to his recent venture, “Skinny Bakery”, a pastry brand that has progressed little by little in Mazatlán, where she is originally from.

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Howeverwhat has given us the most to talk about on social networks is Ana Araujo’s new romance: Marco Lavinand although the courtship has earned her all kinds of attacks, there is no doubt that the influencer’s new partner has dedicated himself to encourage her, be her personal photographer and even defend her from criticismso he became a great support for her.


As part of a special work by TVyNovelas that you can consult in full in the printed edition, a team of communicators from this magazine He traveled to Mazatlán to learn a little more about how Ana Araujo and Marco Lavin live their daily lives.

However, currently, Ana Araujo maintains a low profile and is especially dedicated to her children, so she only goes out twice a week with Marco Lavin. In fact, she is the one who picks him up at the barbershop where he works.

And although The romance between Marco Lavin and Ana Araujo has remained secretRecently, the stylist and photographer dedicated a tender message to her through Instagram that confirmed their romance: “Ira, how cool. Without much detour MA, congratulations, ‘baby’. May life continue to come to you with pure ching things…, (and) of course, may it also allow me to accompany you on this path,” he wrote in the publication.


The TVyNovelas team arrived at Marco Lavin’s premises to find out a little more about his relationship with Ana Araujo; however, He politely evaded questions and chose to remain discreet.

In fact, friends close to the photographer revealed to this medium that Marco and Ana still do not live together, although they want to. If you have not taken this important step, it is because you are not yet fully ready to take your relationship to the next level.