All the enemies who have faced Alfredo Adame… and who have defeated him

Before the people with whom he fought yesterday over a road incident, Alfredo Adame has had many other battles that have not always come out well. The actor and driver has been characterized, as he himself says, of never giving up, despite the fact that victory is denied him.

  • slammed in politics

Alfredo Adame tried to be a federal deputy in district 14, in Tlalpan. During his campaign, the candidate for Progressive Social Networks went viral several times for his peculiar style of promoting the vote in his favor: he yelled nacos and failures at those who told him they would not vote for him.

When making tours in the streets and houses of Tlalpan, the actor had several altercations with citizens and despite this, he was sure that he would win. But on Election Day, the voters did not favor him as he alone received just over a thousand votes. In addition, that district was won by the candidate of the Va por México coalition, Rocío Banquells, her former sister-in-law. That represented another blow to Adame due to the lawsuit they had dragged on from years ago.

It was the second defeat for the Adame of politics since in 2018 he had competed for mayor of Tlalpan and did not win either.

  • The dispute for 60 thousand pesos

The singer and now federal deputy Rocío Banquells is the sister of Mary Paz, who was the wife of Alfredo Adame until 2017. The divorce was stormy and splashed Banquells, since Adame accused her of having kept 60 thousand pesos that he had lent her. The version was denied by the singer but according to Alfredo’s story, Mary Paz asked him, when they were still married, for that money so that Rocío could make an independent album. Banquells denied it since, she said, she doesn’t need money to make an album, much less independently: “I had all the record companies in the eighties at my feet”, she declared to end the matter.

  • With everything against Laura Bozzo

The problem with Laura Bozzo began when Adame was a candidate. The driver criticized her application and Alfredo’s response was, as he himself declared, to report Laura to the SAT for a fiscal crime. The investigation against Bozzo even caused her to be wanted by Interpol, although in November of last year, the driver achieved a definitive suspension of the arrest warrant.

  • Against the Ghostbusters

It can be classified as the most announced fight … and never made. In 2004, Adame and Trejo began a dispute in which they exchanged accusations caused by “Cañitas”, the book that made Trejo famous and for which they called him the Ghostbuster.

The driver and actor assured that hunting ghosts was a farce and from then on the complaints rose in tone until Carlos accused Alfredo of being involved in the death of one of his collaborators. The lawsuit led them to challenge each other to blows, insult each other and star in public fights, but until now the much-announced fight between the two has not taken place.

  • The drama of fighting with your children

The deepest of Alfredo Adame’s lawsuits has been with his children. The tortuous divorce that he experienced with Mary Paz Banquells ended up fracturing their relationship to such a degree that Adame came to ignore them. “They don’t carry my blood,” he said when announcing, too, that he would stop working in order not to give a pension.