All the women who rejected Luis Miguel … are more than one thinks

Luis Miguel’s love life is not entirely successful. At least from the point of view of several women whom the singer courted but resisted his charms.

Despite the fact that being with the Sol de México is a guarantee of luxuries and details, these celebrities preferred to say “no” before the proposals of Luis Miguel, who put planes, beaches, luxury rooms at their feet.

  • “Forgive me, I’m still in love with Rafael Amaya”

Luz Elena González rejected Luis Miguel not once but twice. The first, after a concert in which a hotel suite had been prepared for “everything to happen” between the actress and the singer.

Luz Elena says that Luismi had invited her to the show and then sent her a van to take her to the hotel where she was staying. “But nothing happened because I was still in love with Rafael Amaya,” she says.

With Amaya, Luz Elena had a torrid affair that ended when she raised the idea of ​​getting married and having children.

Luis Miguel made a second attempt to conquer her by inviting her to spend a few days in Acapulco. He sent her a private plane and champagne but again Amaya’s ghost appeared between them.

“At that moment I confessed the truth to Luis Miguel, I told him: I’m not going to cheat on you, I’m still in love with Rafael, forgive me but I can’t.”

  • “I have everything except you”

The relationship between Alejandra Ávalos and Luis Miguel we only know from what she has reported. And according to her anecdotes, Luis Miguel tried to seduce her many times, but she always rejected him because she saw him simply as a friend of hers.

“All I wanted was to be his friend, but a true friend, share many things with him, understand each other in that friendship, in that situation of trust that you don’t open up to everyone and I felt that I could have been a woman to all my life, but as a friend, not in any other sense”.

As proof of their relationship, there is a photograph in which a young Luis Miguel appears next to Alejandra, who at that time was a pop music star. Alejandra assures that on that trip to Acapulco, she accompanied him as a friend of hers but that they did not have a courtship, despite the fact that he was always looking out for her.

  • “Luis Miguel, go away please, I’m falling asleep”

The story of Lucía Méndez takes place in Miami. “I was in my hotel room, I was participating in a festival and Luis Miguel went to knock on my door to tell me things about his mother who was lost.”

The singer assures that she ignored him because of the age difference.

“Pretend he told me he was 20 and I was 30 and I said ‘oh no, how lazy'”.

Méndez says that not even a kiss allowed the Sun. “He arrived, entered, sat down and left. He didn’t even try because he saw me very determined.”

“Why am I going to have dinner with Luis Miguel if I have a boyfriend?”

Andrea Legarreta says that over the years she repented. She and Luis Miguel met at a restaurant in Acapulco where he sent one of her bodyguards to tell him that the singer was going to have a party and that she invited him.

Legarreta declined the invitation. “It’s that I had a boyfriend, a boyfriend with whom I lasted seven years, a lifetime,” said the host in La Saga, Adela Micha’s program.

Andrea says that the most painful thing about having rejected Luis Miguel is that she “drooled” for him. “When I ran into him at events I would drool over him,” she recounted.

  • “There are many rumors but I can’t confirm anything”

Yaneth García, the famous Weather Girl, was another of those who received a non-personal invitation from Luis Miguel. “I can’t confirm anything to you because he hasn’t come directly to tell me something.”

García said that he admires Luis Miguel but that although it was true that he had tried to conquer her, she had a stable relationship.

  • “He threw me the wave”

The story that the singer never directly approaches his possible conquests is endorsed by Paty Manterola, who assures that Luis Miguel and her had a peculiar relationship, which she sometimes describes as “friendship-romance”.

“Luis Miguel threw me all the wave and I told him, sorry but I have a boyfriend,” Manterola said when his story was portrayed in the singer’s bioseries.

Contrary to the fiction of that bioseries, Manterola assures that with Luis Miguel what there was was an attempt at seduction that did not prosper because she had a boyfriend.