Alleged albino deer in Campeche causes a furor in networks

Tremendous surprise caused a publication about an albino deer in Campeche, some users felt scammed by the information

In social networks, information was shared about an alleged sighting of an albino deer in the state of Campeche, to which users reacted angrily due to the very bad misinformation in networks.
A local media pointed out that an exotic specimen had been seen on the Escárcega – Calakmul highway and almost immediately they began to point out that it was a joke. Between comments like “Let them live!” and

“I did not know that there were pine trees in Calakmul”, users felt more than ripped off.
“Cool the pines of Calakmul. Does snow also fall? ”. “It is more surprising to see that the vegetation changed from jungle to forest.” “I’d better not buy Christmas pine … I’m going to Calakmul for a fresher one … I already saw that there is.” “The flora of Calakmul is very beautiful, and one of those who love to buy pines in the stores”

“Chidos the firs and American quality tar”
After an investigation it was discovered that the events did not occur in Campeche but in Wisconsin, United States, in 2019, however the fact of the alleged albino deer in Campeche fueled social networks. Later the outlet removed the post.

There is no doubt that the information of this supposed sighting quickly went viral causing several users to react badly to the “facke news” presented. That is why it is very important to rectify the sources and confirm the veracity of the note so as not to generate this type of misinformation on social networks.