Alternative Medicine, Ancestral Tradition present in Fenapo

Doctors and traditional healers of the Huasteca serve in the artisan pavilion

Traditional medicine, part of the identity of the Huasteca Culture of San Luis Potosí, is also present at the Potosina National Fair (FENAPO), through a group of alternative doctors from Axtla de Terrazas, who in addition to offering consultations to people , offer their products made by hand to cure all kinds of ills, through the ancient herbalism.

At the initiative of the Board of Trustees and by instruction of Governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, the Potosina National Fair has traditional doctors, who offer alternatives to improve health and treat some ailments through products made from fruits, herbs, stones, gadgets and rituals. invoking nature and other elements for healing.

Traditional doctors can be found in the Pabellón Artesanal, which also offers products made by Potosí hands such as brandy and pork fat, a remedy that works for toothaches and headaches; branches of rattlesnake and shade grass of the Virgin, with which a tea is prepared that serves to relieve nerves and stress, reveals Juliana Sánchez Santos, a traditional doctor with 35 years of experience.

In the same way, he explains, infusions of holy herb with ginger and eucalyptus are offered, to relieve respiratory diseases and even Covid-19, with an anti-inflammatory and purifying effect on the lungs.

The beeswax candle, which allows to eliminate bad vibes in the home, in addition to providing protection and, finally, the male garlic and aloe that is used for the protection of commercial establishments; They also clean and prepare amulets for good luck.

All this is part of what traditional Huasteca medicine offers, with ancient knowledge, inherited through generations. Herbalism is the main feature of this alternative medicine, which has prevailed over the years.

“We work with medicinal plants from the Huasteca, for all kinds of diseases, ranging from toothaches, nerves, and even Covid-19.

We have teas that help them feel good, we make the clean ones with ranch eggs to cure fright”, he said. To learn about this ancestral tradition, visitors can go to the Craft Pavilion at the Potosina National Fair, with free access, in addition to free parking and rides.