Alternative medicine would aggravate a condition of the spine

The doctor invited the public to perform spinal hygiene

The orthopedic doctor and spinal surgeon of the IMSS, Simón Almanza Mendoza, warned that spinal conditions are becoming more frequent, for which he urged the population that in the event of any lumbar or lower back pain go to be diagnosed and avoid alternative medicine or “rubbing” because it could aggravate the condition.

“The problem is that they start with lower back pain and it takes them 4 to 5 weeks to go to the doctor and that is very serious because a condition that could have started very simply and could be easily diagnosed, since they resort to traditional or alternative medicines, to putting on ointments and creams waiting for that to decrease their pain, which delays the diagnosis and worsens the problem,” he warned.

Also, he asked that “rubbing” be avoided in the face of back pain, “they are harmful because they are treatments, so to speak blindly and, to diagnose spinal problems we have to do x-rays, tomographies or an MRI and based on to this, to be able to diagnose, on the other hand, when a sobada is made, it has not been seen how everything is inside or the degree of injury ”.

The specialist explained that, only in the IMSS for low back pain there were 40,000 consultations in 2022, “40,000 people throughout San Luis Potosí had a lumbar problem and of those 40,000, about 5,000 patients had a severe problem and of those only 100 to 200 patients were operated on”.

He recognized that the problem is that the health service is very saturated, especially with patients who are diagnosed very late, which makes the requirement greater and the material needed more sophisticated.

“The recommendation is that all patients who start with low back pain pain in the lower back due to sitting for a long time, go to their doctor for an assessment through imaging studies, since in all IMSS family units they can be assessed and referred in a timely manner because the most important thing is to diagnose them on time, before they have the most severe illness”, he requested.

Simón Almanza insisted that “the problem of not attending to it on time is that the problems are progressing and becoming more severe. It may be that a condition is beginning and surgery is not required, only rehabilitation, medication and spinal hygiene, but when the patient already has many symptoms and quality of life is greatly impaired, sometimes they need to undergo surgery, intervene through very large surgeries , very sophisticated and above all very dangerous”.

The doctor invited the public to perform spinal hygiene, to lose weight and in the event of any pain in the lower back immediately go to the doctor, since these types of injuries are becoming more and more common, since San Luis Potosí occupies the second place at the national level, because the people of Potosi are very hard-working people, who carry a lot of weight.