Álvaro Dávila: Pati Chapoy raised suspicions about the truth behind her departure from Cruz Azul

Photos: Getty image – @chapoypati / IG.

The cooperative recently Blue Cross underwent a readjustment Alvaro Davila I quit in charge as executive president of the Cruz Azul Sports Club. Through a video published on the social networks of Machine, Victor Velazquezpresident of the club’s board of directors, and Dávila shared the end of their employment relationship with the fans.

Immediately, the cement fans expressed their discomfort and sadness at the decision made by the cooperative, since Alvaro Davila He was one of the managerial elements that led the team to get the ninth star. In the midst of the many messages that circulated on Twitter, Pati Chapoy joined the debate of the cement hobby and surprised the public.

The host of the program windowing used her official Twitter account to respond in detail to the farewell messages that her husband Álvaro Dávila received. And among the publications that she made, Chapoy tweeted messages that gave way to rumors about the real reason why Dávila resigned from Cruz Azul.

Pati Chapoy raised suspicions about Álvaro Dávila and Cruz Azu
Pati Chapoy raised suspicions about Álvaro Dávila’s departure from Cruz Azu (Photo: Twitter/@ChapoyPati)

Because Pati Chapoy is recognized for being a experienced journalist in entertainment and reveals the most relevant details of the artists of the moment, some Cruz Azul fans They dared to ask her the real reasons why her husband left the Noria, since they did not believe the official speech of the club, which pointed out that “For personal motives” Dávila resigned and there was a common agreement with the capital team.

At the insistence of the followers of The cement machine so that the host of shows revealed “the truth” Regarding Dávila’s departure, Chapoy only limited himself to saying “Someday… cheers”, a phrase that raised more suspicions of the subject.

Pati Chapoy raised suspicions of the resignation of Álvaro Dávila
(Photo: Twitter/@ChapoyPati)

Different sports analysts pointed to non-sports topics as the main reason why the former sports director left his position. But so far there is no statement from Álvaro that confirms what was said, there is only the speech released by the club.

Pati Chapoy’s personalized responses to the different farewell and thanks messages quickly went viral. Even a user was encouraged to ask the journalist to Aztec TV to make a space in your program windowing to give details of the event. To which Chapoy replied: “I would love to, but it is not my subject, greetings”.

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