Amazon is working on a new interface for its application, and it looks like TikTok

Amazon. (photo: WWWhat’s New)

TikTok It’s the feeling of the moment and some of the most relevant online stores in the world have begun to redesign their applications to follow the same vertical trend. The next to try would be amazon.

TechCrunch echoes the observations of Watchful, a platform dedicated to the artificial intelligenceand ensure that Amazon is testing a new feature in its mobile app that closely mimics TikTok’s vertical interface to offer products and services.

In addition, they indicate that This novelty from Amazon has been tested among the company’s workers. With the push of a button, users will be able to go full screen just like TikTok to view products.

Its use is optional and the new feature will be rated for a specific region, so it can be skipped entirely. It is worth mentioning that This is not the first time that Amazon has been inspired by a popular social network. Some time ago they included an option called ‘Posts’ and it was very similar to Instagram.

Why Amazon would follow in TikTok’s footsteps

While this might seem like a strange move from a company that has nothing to do with TikTok, it’s not that wrong. After all, Amazon recommendations are one of the most popular topics on TikTok.

So it was only natural that the company wanted to bring this same formula directly to its stores. In this way, can offer exactly the same without having to go through the affiliate links that abound in each of these TikTok videos.

This is what the new Amazon interface would look like.  (photo: TechCrunch)
This is what the new Amazon interface would look like. (photo: TechCrunch)

Will they be as successful as these TikToks showcasing Amazon products? While you can’t see the future, it almost certainly isn’t. Not only because it would be perceived as less realistic movement than videos straight from TikTok, but because the two platforms serve completely different purposes.

In fact, it’s just another way to jump on the popular ship, and it seems that Amazon has figured out which strategy to follow.

Of course, Note that this is an internal test only. According to the report, the feature is only used within the company. Therefore, it is unlikely to spread on a large scale to all other users of the platform.

Amazon wants Alexa to imitate the voice of anyone, even deceased

Likewise, Amazon is training its assistant AI, Alexato adopt the voice of any person according to the preferences of the client. The assistant will be able to detect the timbre and transposition characteristics of a person’s voice and imitate it. This is an important step towards the humanization of the relationship between man and animals. smart devices.

“We want to make memories last” after a pandemic in which “many of us have lost a loved one,” Amazon’s senior vice president, rohit prasadat a conference in Las Vegas, United States.

Amazon Alexa.  (photo: Al Día News)
Amazon Alexa. (photo: Al Día News)

However, using a familiar voice can radically change user usage and expectations. During the launch, Amazon released a small promotional video about the idea.

In it, a child asks Alexa if she “finished reading ‘The Wizard of Oz’.” Alexa abandoned her soft robotic voice, and changed it to her grandmother’s. For the boy, although aware that she is listening to the announcer, It was her grandmother who read the story, not Alexa.


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