Amazon Luna, Jeff Bezos’ gaming service, is now live for Prime users

Amazon Luna is the new streaming video game service launched by Jeff Bezos’ company. (photo: Amazon)

the launch of amazon moon it is already a reality. amazon revealed its own cloud gaming service in late 2020 and now is available to users of Amazon-Prime. This has been confirmed by the company through its official blog.

On the other hand, only users residing in United States will have access to the service, as confirmed on his blog.

is active for Android, iOS, Chrome OS, macOS and Windows. Amazon Luna comes with a number of logging levels and various ‘channels’ where users can access different game packs of all kinds.

The basic package of Amazon Luna, called Moonis available for $10 a month and has a library of over 100 video game.

These are the new ‘channels’ of Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna completes the launch with three new service channels:

1. Prime Gaming Channel

It offers a wide range of free monthly rotating video games for Amazon Prime members.

Devil May Cry 5, System Redux and Immortals Fenyx Rising are some titles available on this channel; Although there are many others.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition
Devil May Cry 5. (Photo: Amazon Luna)


Retro channels are another proposition from the company and the designated person to play the classic LUNA titles. Its catalog includes collections from publishers such as Capcom and SNK.

Among the titles are the classic Metal Slug 3, Street Fight II, Hype Fighting and more. This channel achieves an additional cost of USD$5 per month.

Street Fight II.  (photo: MuyComputer)
Street Fight II. (photo: MuyComputer)

3. JacBox Channel Game

This bundle of eight sets of Party Packs from Jackbox Games.

These include Trivia Murder Party, Quiplash, Drawfil, and many more. Like the retro channels, it reaches a monthly price of USD$5.

Trivia Murder Party.  (photo: Jackbox Games Wiki)
Trivia Murder Party. (photo: Jackbox Games Wiki)

Ubisoft+ Channel and video games for all users

Similarly, they have a Exclusive channel for Ubisoft titles. This is Ubisoft+Channelavailable by USD$ 18 additional per month. You must also add Amazon Prime registration and all the other channels you want to add.

On the other hand, Family Channel will be responsible for providing specialized content for all audiences; so you will not have to worry about finding games that are not suitable for children.

This channel costs USD$6; although in the same way as the Luna+ subscription, if you sign up in March, you can choose and keep the $3 cost. Of course, as long as you pay subscribers without interruption.

Amazon Luna cloud gaming service.  AMAZON RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY

Added Amazon to cloud gaming service

The gaming service has confirmed on the blog that the players of Twitter they can easily stream their Luna games. be from a computer, Mac or FireTV; when pressing the button, you can stream your every move online in a video game.

“Now you can stream Luna’s gameplay to Twitch in just a few clicks on the devices you already own, with no complicated setup required. With the latest update to Luna on PC, Mac, or Fire TV, a new broadcast button allows you to stream gameplay live with a camera overlaid on the screen, providing a new and easy way to broadcast to your friends or the gaming community. Twitch”, can be read on the official blog of Amazon Luna.

According to a similar proposal, Amazon will allow you to use a iPhone or Android such as Amazon Luna controller; although for this you will need a television.

In this way, simply download the application Moon Controller on iPhone or Android and start having fun from your mobile screen.


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