Amazon Prime Video comes to the Mac App Store: Picture in Picture, in-app purchases and more features

If you have a MacBook, you can now download Amazon Prime Video from the App Store. (photo: Mac App Web Store)

Apple computer users generally get the best apps, or at least the best deal from the developers. In the case of the application Amazon Prime Video, this did not happen. It took a while for the platform to launch its app, but it finally got it. As of today, the owners of any computer Macbook can download the Amazon Prime Video application from the App Store.

As in cell phones and tablets, users have become accustomed to the natural way of using a platform through applications, but when they use computers they realize that they prefer (by habit) to access through the browser from the page official.

This does not mean that the main platforms are developing their own applications for Windows 10 (and 11) or for Mac, which are more comfortable than typing the URL of the page in question and Prime Video, until yesterday, had not done it either. It had an official version dedicated solely to M1 chips within the ecosystem macOS, although in the last few hours he has rushed to solve this enormous problem and thus have an app for all Apple devices.

After officially having the application, users with a subscription to Amazon Prime will be able to use it to download episodes of the series or full movies to enjoy on public transport or long distances, and it is one of the features that users have requested the most.

Amazon Prime Video now available on the MacBook App Store.  (photo: The Verge)
Amazon Prime Video now available on the MacBook App Store. (photo: The Verge)

Amazon Prime Video on MacBook

In the first instance, you will need to download Amazon Prime Video from the App Store. When you launch into the official Mac app, you are asked if you want to receive notifications for content recommendations and other alerts, but from there it’s pretty much the same experience as the other platforms. Interestingly, the Prime Video app itself cannot run in full screen, but it changes as soon as you start playing a movie or TV show.

With this update, and as we can see in the information page of the application in the Mac App Store, Amazon Prime Video is now available on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple tv. This means that it is the place where we are, we can enjoy the content without having to resort to the browser.

The Picture in Picture (PiP) feature on MacBook.  (photo: The Verge)
The Picture in Picture (PiP) feature on MacBook. (photo: The Verge)

On Mac, the application allows us to download videos to watch them offline, use Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode and buy or rent new releases and popular shows. Of course, we will find our profiles and we will also be able to enjoy the behind-the-scenes section of movies and shows with exclusive access to XRay, powered by IMDb.

Amazon becomes the protagonist of a path, that of native applications for all platforms, that many consider essential to be able to enjoy content. It is definitely not the same to have to access the catalog through a browser instead of being able to do it from a dedicated application.

Amazon Prime Video for MacBook.  (photo:
Amazon Prime Video for MacBook. (photo:

Until other entertainment greats like Disney + or Netflix decide to follow the same path, we can enjoy the entire Amazon Prime Video catalog on our Mac in the most comfortable way directly from the Mac Store App.


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