Amazon would have an exclusive application for the transmission of sports leagues

Amazon’s new streaming platform dedicated to sports content could charge Prime Video users an additional subscription. REUTERS/Francis Mascarenhas/File Photo (FRANCIS MASCARENHAS/)

The app streaming Prime Video could have a significant change soon, Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of Amazon, would have raised the idea of ​​broadcasting live sporting events, as a new option for users.

“Amazon Sports” could be the name of the project, but it is not yet known when it would be launched or at what stage of development it is; We are only talking about some content options in this vertical, such as the nflsome football matches of the Premier League and the New York Yankees baseball team would be present.

This new platform would also have a difference from the main platform of Amazonand is that due to the fact that sports content requires the payment of rights of transmissionwhether for teams or entire leagues, there could be a price of subscription extra for the user.

However, it is unknown if it would be minor, major or if it could be included in a package with Prime Video just as Disney + and Star + do today.

Amazon Prime Video has the rights to broadcast some English Premier League matches.  Photo: Reuters/Paul Childs
Amazon Prime Video has the rights to broadcast some English Premier League matches. Photo: Reuters/Paul Childs (PAUL CHILDS/)

On the other hand, “Amazon Sports” would also have to compete with other platforms for broadcast rights. In the case of Manzanathe Cupertino company recently acquired the possibility of broadcasting all Major League Soccer (MLS) soccer matches through its service Aapple tv exclusively from February 1, 2023, at least within USA.

Currently, the platform Amazon Prime Video has a total of 200 million paying subscription members, of which 153 are in USA according to page Web Statista, which disseminates data and market research. Which would imply that, in principle, the content sports and the development phases of a new related platform would be available first in that country and later expand to other territories, although this is not guaranteed.

For now, subscribers to the Prime Video service They have the possibility of having downloadable content, such as movies and series, which can be played whenever users want on their devices without the need for a Connection a Internet.

In addition, since the company is also in charge of developing the platform for twitchthe Prime subscription also includes the use of an account in the application of streaming live without ads at the time of consumption content and to subscribe to a creator for free.

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