Amazon’s surprise launch, smart switches, these are its features

New Line of Single Pole and Three Way Switches Seek to Enter the Market with Competitive Prices | Credits: Amazon (Amazon /)

Without making a big launch in between, the giant has decided to launch a new line of smart home switches with which it seeks to break into the current market.

This launch has taken many by surprise, according to Dan Wroclaswki, content creator for ‘Consumer Reports’, who did not hesitate to express his surprise after the discovery of these products that have been on the page since November 11 of this year .

In total, there are four products that make up this line: a single-pole switch, a three-way dimmer, a three-pole switch and a single-pole dimmer switch.

The idea with these smart switches is to turn existing lighting into one controlled via app and voice, it is an alternative to smart bulbs when you want to automate the lighting of a room with lots of bulbs or decorative accessories.

Among the advantages of Amazon’s own devices is that they work with the ‘Frustration Free Setup’ and ‘Certified for Humans’ programs, which suggests that they are easy to set up, especially if you already have an Echo smart speaker on your device. home; However, it is important to clarify that these switches will not work with another smart home system or other voice assistants, that is, they will only be compatible with Alexa.

For the installation of the switches and intensity regulators, these will require a neutral cable and a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network for their correct configuration, the fact that they do not need an intelligent hub to function stands out, that is, they will be able to be configured directly with Alexa or from the application, with this it can be adjusted so that the lights turn on and off at the times that the user sets and the intensity of the light can be controlled remotely.

In order to help in the installation, the company brings as an added value some video-guides that will take the user through the process of disassembling the old switches until the configuration of the new ones.

After installation, the switches will work like a conventional one before they can be programmed through the app.  | Credit: Amazon
After installation, the switches will work like a conventional one before they can be programmed through the app. | Credit: Amazon (Amazon /)

Increase the catalog of Amazon Basics for the home

With the arrival of these new products, the number of devices designed for the home rises to seven, as well as a new smart thermostat and an indoor air quality monitor. This increase in the diversity of products is welcomed after a catalog where only the smart plug that the company sells was kept after suspending the sale of indoor security cameras.

Naturally, this new line of switches will be included in a sale with the Echo speakers, all this ahead of Black Friday that will arrive in the United States on November 26.


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