Amely Nodal, sister of Christian Nodal, shows off her baby after almost three months of birth

Amely gave birth to a boy two months before the arrival of her niece, Christian Nodal and Cazzu’s first-born.


Amely Nodal, sister of Christian Nodal, shows off how her son has grown

Amely Gonzalez Nodal, sister of Christian Nodalshowed off a new photograph of your baby after almost three months old. The young woman, 21 years old, shared her tender postcard on her official Instagram account.

In the image, the little one is seen sitting on the legs of his mother, who shared the arrival of her baby last August, just when the little one was one month old.

Let us remember that the little one is only two months older than his cousin, the newborn baby of Christian Nodal and Cazzuwho welcomed their little girl on September 14.

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Amely Nodal shows off her first baby


Christian Nodal’s parents, happy for their first grandchild

Christian Nodal’s parents are overjoyed for their first grandchildson of Amely Nodal, younger sister of the interpreter of ‘They didn’t tell you wrong’.

Cristy Nodal and Jaime González They showed the love they feel after the arrival of the baby. Through her official Instagram account, Amely, 21 years old, shared a couple of photographs of the little one, and her happy grandparents did not hesitate to be the first to comment on the publication.

“My beautiful loves, how much I love you my queen. Kisses to my little king, my love,” wrote the happy grandmother. “The most beautiful, my loves”added the happy grandfather in his youngest daughter’s publication.

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