American rapper THF TP was murdered in front of his young son

The case has shocked the community, since the death of the famous person was extremely tragic

Local rapper Terrance, also known as THF TP, died on February 7, 2024 after being the victim of an armed attack while he was with his son, who witnessed the tragic death of his father.

Authorities are investigating the incident and indicated that the victim is the musician. The Chicago Police Department stated that the singer had to be transferred to Loyola Hospital as an emergency.
However, upon arriving at the clinic he died due to the shots he received during the attack. Apparently there were seven impacts that took his life, but at the scene of the incident they found 22 shell casings.

A video began to circulate on social networks, where you could see how exactly the musician’s murder happened. Terrance was walking with his little son and in his hands he was carrying a couple of cards.

Until that moment everything was going normally, but everything changes when a white car parks and two men get out of it, who begin to shoot directly at the rapper.
Apparently they allowed the minor to escape, as he ran away unharmed; At the scene they abandoned the singer’s body, while the attackers immediately fled the scene once they finished their task.

Authorities arrived to review what happened and carry out an investigation that could reveal who was responsible for said attack.