Amid mounting threats from Hezbollah, Israel shot down a drone from Lebanon

A small drone shot down by the Israeli army on the border with Lebanon (Israel Defense Forces)

Israel shot down on Thursday a drone that had crossed from Lebanonhis army reported in a statement.

“A few moments ago, soldiers from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) identified and shot down a drone that was crossing from Lebanese territory into Israeli territory in the direction of the town of Zarit”, declared the army.

He did not immediately identify who had sent the drone from Lebanon and published a photo of a UAV lying in a thicket of thorns.

He did not specify how the drone was shot down as it entered Israeli airspace; however, it is believed that it was done using electronic warfare means. “The Israel Defense Forces will continue to prevent any attempt to violate Israeli sovereignty,” the army said.

In the image shared by the military, the drone appears to be a commercial quadcopter made by the Chinese company DJI.

Defense officials have previously noted that at least some of the drones that the terror group hezbollahbased in Lebanon, uses for surveillance purposes are commercially available devices.

Neither hezbollah nor have affiliated media outlets made any immediate comment on the downing of the drone.

Last month, Israel said that hezbollah was behind a unusual roadside bomb attack who injured a motorist in northern Israel in March, and has said in the past that he shot down the group’s drones.

Lebanon and Israel they are technically in a state of war and the heavily guarded border is regularly crossed by drones from both sides.

hezbollahbacked by Iran, and Israel They fought a month-long war in 2006 and have exchanged fire several times since, but have avoided a full-scale confrontation.

During a conference held on Monday, the head of the Military Intelligence Directorate of the IDF warned that the leader of hezbollah was “close to making a mistake” that could trigger a country warwhile warning that a conflict between Israel and Iran was becoming more direct.

Supported by Iran and represented in the Lebanese Parliament, Hezbollah is described as a “terrorist group” by many Western countries, including the United States.

military exercises

The threat from Hezbollah was revived on Sunday after the terror group staged its biggest maneuvers in years in southern Lebanonshowing heavy weapons and simulating attacks against Israeli territory.

Fighters from the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah carry out a training exercise in Aaramta village in the Jezzine District, southern Lebanon, Sunday, May 21, 2023. The show of force came ahead of
Hezbollah fighters during exercises on Sunday (AP/Hassan Ammar) (Hassan Ammar/)

Some 200 fighters from the pro-Iranian Lebanese movement participated in those maneuvers with live ammunition in Aaramta, some 20 km from the border with Israelorganized to celebrate the anniversary of the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000.

Fighters also simulated an attack on Israeli territory in which they blew up vehicles.

Snipers fired live bullets at metal targets emblazoned with the Star of David, while fighters leapt through burning circles.

Anti-aircraft weapons, explosives and multiple rocket launchers were on display during the exercises.

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