Amparín Serrano, creator of Distroller, died; celebrities fire her like this

Amparín Serrano, one of the most successful businesswomen in Mexico, has died at the age of 57. She is famous for creating Distroller, as her creativity could only be expressed as colorfully as her famous brand.

She was also an original member of Flans before she rose to fame with Ilse, Ivonne, and Mimi. But Amparín triumphed with his Distroller brand, famous for its drawings of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Kasimeritos.

He named it Distroller because his first product was a chamoy, which destroyed the intestinal flora, according to what he said in a recent interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda.

With David West she had Minnie and Camila, who fired her with an emotional message on her social networks:

“One-piece person, my mom. Undone inside, outside I can’t express how much I love you mom, that without you this is not cida, that you be granted the miracle that you have given to millions of people. I love you infinitely and I ask you all to pray for her, you know who she is and she is the most Chinese person that the planet can have. My dear mom, I love you with all my soul and I hug you from another dimension in which we cannot see each other right now. Let’s pray for that miracle, please everyone join in a prayer.”

celebrities fired her

Jorge Van Rankin published a farewell message: “A few minutes ago I received very sad news that hurts my soul, my dearest and charming wife, successful, great mother, great grandmother, great sister, great daughter, has left, it is an irreparable loss Your departure hurts me so much! Amparin Serrano Espinosa dear, may God receive you as you deserve! One day we will all be together! RIP a solidarity hug to Julio, Manuel, Mini, Camila, to her beautiful granddaughter, to another great woman, my dear Amparo Espinoza Rugarcia!!!

Rest in peace.