An arctic cold front forced the cancellation of more than 1,000 canceled flights in the United States

At least a thousand flights canceled by the winter storm in the United States (REUTERS / Shelby Tauber) (SHELBY TAUBER /)

With the passing of the hours The number of canceled flights at airports in a large part of the country due to bad weather conditions grows exponentially of an arctic cold front that goes from the center of Texas, to the south, to the northeast of the country.

The states of the Midwest and the plains region, such as Minnesota and Wisconsin, woke up today on weather alert for strong winds. According to the national meteorological service, temperatures in this area of ​​the country could drop to 30 degrees Celsius below zero, precisely due to the presence of strong gusts of arctic wind.

To the almost a thousand canceled flights so far this day, there are at least another thousand that have delays. The situation is expected to get more complicated as the days go by because the phenomenon will last the rest of the week. southwest it has been the airline with the most cancellations with 319 flights out of service so far, which implies 8% of its fleet.

US storm brings tornadoes, blizzard-like conditions
Subzero temperatures, ice and snow accumulation in 15 states of the nation (Erin Woodiel /The Argus Leader via AP) (Erin Woodiel/)

The Department of Transportation requires airlines to refund money to passengers who had purchased tickets on canceled flights, but given the massive number of cancellations, airlines implemented emergency policies that encourage passengers to voluntarily change their ticket to another date, without charging any extra cost. During the winter season these situations occur frequently. Without going any further, last week there was another winter storm that led to the cancellation of dozens of flights as well.

During this week there are 50 million people who will be under climate alert. In areas like Texas or Arkansas, which do not usually have particularly intense winters, snow and ice accumulation is expected for three days, generating more than half an inch of ice accumulation on the roads. The city of Dallas, Texas, will be on a winter storm weather alert until at least Wednesday morning.

The authorities of the national weather center They classified the phenomenon as one that will bring a significant amount of snow and ice in at least 15 states of the country in a prolonged manner.

Southwest Airlines is the airline with the highest number of cancellations so far (REUTERS / Shelby Tauber)
Southwest Airlines is the airline with the highest number of cancellations so far (REUTERS / Shelby Tauber) (SHELBY TAUBER /)

“The interaction of an arctic wind mass with moisture makes flying conditions dangerous. The accumulation of freezing rain is going to make flying dangerous for several days,” Craig Snell, a meteorologist at the National Hurricane Center, told the press.

In states like Mainein the northeast of the country, temperatures will drop to about 14 degrees Celsius below zero. To face these conditions, the state will grant them a subsidy of 450 dollars in electricity consumption to be able to use the heating to the fullest.

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