An elderly Chinese man paid USD 2,900 to fake his death and waved from the coffin in the middle of the fake funeral

Zhang, 84, spent the equivalent of $2,900 on a funeral parade through his village in late February.

A chinese old man who was wondering if anyone his death would matter decided to find out by organizing his own funeral while alivea pantomime that has aroused the sympathy of the Asian country’s social networks but has angered the authorities.

The man of 84 years and last name Zhangthe equivalent of $2,900 in a funeral parade for his town in the province of anhui (this) and the video of the “performance” has gone viral, the newspaper reported today South China Morning Post.

On the morning of the funeral, more than a hundred “mourners” gathered at Zhang’s home for a feast and then started a three hour procession in which the old man walked through the town sitting on a red coffin transported in a truck while greeting surprised passers-by.

Later the man explained that he had the idea after buying a coffin in anticipation of his death, since he feels very lonely since his wife passed away two years ago and her children, now adults, moved away.

Zhang felt that arranging his funeral while he was alive would keep him entertained and happy, saying it was worth the money because he enjoyed it so much.

Chinese old man fakes his death
Zhang believed that arranging his funeral while he was alive would keep him entertained and content.

Despite the support of the neighbors, the local authorities believe that the funeral parade disrespected tradition and the deadSo they have opened an investigation.

On Chinese social networks, however, the old man has aroused sympathy for his positive approach to death: “I admire his attitude towards life and I hope he reaches the age of one hundred”said one netizen, while another opined that “despite being alone, Zhang knows how to enjoy life.”

(With information from EFE)

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