An influencer started an ‘experiment’ to show how long you can survive eating only raw meat

An anonymous Instagram influencer who has dubbed his account “raw meat experiment” (raw meat experiment) leads 80 days eating raw meat as the main basis of their diet, something not recommended at all according to nutrition experts.

This man, whose name is not known, says in his account description that he will eat “raw meat at Whole Foods (US supermarket chain) every day until dead from bacteria”.

Documenting the diet on his page, the man has eaten everything, from a pound of raw minced bison meat to raw cow brains, accompanying meals with milk or half a liter of raw eggs.

“It’s not about chewing [usted] basically you can just place the beef in [su] mouth and swallow it, very tasty, half the cost of the steak, it will probably be a weekly meal along with cod”, says the influencer in the description of one of his publications.

In Raw Meat Experiment this anonymous man documents his daily diet of raw meat

The experiment has received mixed reactions, from people disgusted by the idea to those who run away from him when they realize what he is doing.

On day 74, while eating a piece of minced meat with a cup of raw eggs on the side, he wrote “homie tried to sell me headphones for 2 bucks in the middle of a slonk chug and then he ran off in a hurry worried about his safety.”

The controversial character further claims that he started the experiment after feeling ill while eating a mostly plant-based diet.

“When I started eating steak and eggs for breakfast, instead of bagels and shakes, I felt full most of the day and stable, instead of getting dizzy from a carb crash, my pain started to go away.”he explained in a post on his Instagram.

This man is by no means the first person to try this diet, with the human lineage existing for millions of years before Homo Erectus discovered cooking food between 1.8 million years and 400,000 years ago. Since then, however, humans have spent millennia evolving alongside the kitchen, allowing us to become more efficient at eating and digesting our food.

An influencer started an 'experiment' to show how long you can survive eating only raw meat
Every day he uploads a video to the Instagram account @rawmeatexperiment

To draw a parallel, while a human quickly consumes cooked meat dishes such as duck à l’orange or ribs, chimpanzees, our closest living relatives, can spend up to six hours a day chewing on a piece of raw meat.

Cooking has helped us as a species and There are theories that indicate that it helped us develop bigger brains, among other benefits for health and societies.

Now, from the teeth to the digestive system, humans they are not prepared to eat raw meat alone, and doing so could cause some health issues.

According to a study published in the scientific journal Human Kineticswhen protein is consumed in excess, that is, when it exceeds 35% of the total energy intake, it can cause problems such as hyperaminoacidemia (excess amino acids in the bloodstream), hyperammonemia (elevated ammonia levels), hyperinsulinemia (abnormally high levels of insulin) nausea, diarrhea, and even death (from “rabbit starvation syndrome”).

An influencer started an 'experiment' to show how long you can survive eating only raw meat
The man usually accompanies his lunches of raw meat with milk and raw eggs

“A suggested maximum protein intake based on body needs, evidence of weight management and avoiding protein toxicity would be approximately 25% of energy requirements”points out that same study entitled “A review of the problems of the protein-based diet in humans.”

Although this instagramer does not seem to be living solely on raw meat, as advertised on his account, and surely consumes other foods between posts, he still runs the risk of getting sick from Salmonella, E. coli, Yersinia and other harmful bacteria that may be lurking.

So far, the man maintains that he has not suffered any intoxication and that he will continue to consume the meat until he dies from the bacteria.


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