An Iranian protester was subjected to mock executions as part of theocratic regime’s torture

The young Iranian protester, Sahand Noormohammadzadeh

one of six protesters sentenced to death for participating in the protests against the Iran regime he was subjected to mock executions at least three times during his time in prison.

the british medium BBCannounced that a close source revealed to them that the young man Sahand Noormohammadzadeh26, was forced to “get on a chair blindfolded to be hanged.”

Noormohammadzadeh was accused of setting a container on fire and blocking traffic, which he denied. However, a Revolutionary Court in Tehran found him guilty of “enmity against God.”

Before his trial, the source of the BBC of London, said that Noormohammadzadeh was subjected to cruel treatment either degrading of the persons in charge of their custody, which is prohibited by the international right of the human rights.

The Iranian regime’s Justice announced on Tuesday five new death sentences against people accused of participating in the protests that are shaking the country, in this case for allegedly killing a member of the Basiji volunteer militia.

FILE - In this photo taken in Tehran on Oct. 1, 2022 by a non-employee of The Associated Press and obtained by AP outside Iran, several Iranians protest the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini after she was arrested by moral police.  (AP Photo/Middle East Images, File)
Tehran: Several Iranians protest the death of Mahsa Amini

The five convicted, who are not identified, have been sentenced to Gallow for the stabbing murder of a basiji in early November during protests in the city of Karaj, neighboring Tehran, the spokesman for the judiciary reported at a press conference, Masud Setayeshi.

Another 11 accused of the murder of the militiaman, including three minors, have been sentenced to “long prison terms,” ​​according to Setayeshí.

All convictions can be appealed in higher courts.

The 16 convicted were accused of “corruption on earth”, which includes a series of crimes against public safety and Islamic morality.

The Iranian Justice has so far issued 11 death sentences against people who have participated in the protests unleashed after the death in September of Mahsa Amini, after being arrested by the Morality Police for wearing the Islamic veil wrong.

The judicial authorities have accused more than 2,000 people of various crimes for their participation in the mobilizations, in which they call for the end of the Islamic Republic, of which at least 28 face death sentences, according to International Amnesty.

The head of the judiciary, Gholamhosein Mohseni Ejeiaffirmed yesterday that “some” of those sentenced to death will be executed “soon”, after their sentences have been confirmed by higher authorities.

The protests are carried out above all by young people and women shouting “woman, life, freedom”, who ask for more freedoms and an end to the Islamic Republic.

In the almost three months of protests, more than 400 people have died and at least 15,000 have been detained, according to the NGO Iran Human Rightsbased in Oslo.

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