An Israeli woman was found wounded by a knife in an alleged terrorist attack

The police arrested a Palestinian minor for the act (AMMAR AWAD /)

An israeli woman She was found wounded by a knife in the Sheikh Yarrah neighborhood, in occupied East Jerusalem, after which the police detained a Palestinian minor as a suspect in the attack.

The Police are investigating the incident for nationalist reasons, so It would be the fourth violent incident in Jerusalem in less than a month, and in that central neighborhood, whose protests triggered the escalation of war with the Palestinian militias in Gaza in May.

The Israeli emergency service Maguen David Adom (MDA) he treated first thing in the morning “a 30-year-old woman with considerable stab wounds”, and evacuated her to Hadassa Har HaZofim Hospital.

The Police reported that the attacker left the knife at the scene of the scene and the arrest of a suspected minor at a nearby school.

The Police investigates the fact for nationalistic reasons
The Police are investigating the incident for nationalist reasons (AMMAR AWAD /)

Last Saturday a Palestinian from the occupied West Bank stabbed a Jew after he was killed by the Police in front of the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Last month two other attacks were recorded inside the walled city of Jerusalem, epicenter of tensions between Palestinians and Israelis.

A forty-year-old Palestinian from East Jerusalem and a member of the Islamist Hamas movement killed an Israeli with a machine gun and wounded four others, after which he was killed by the police.

Four days earlier, on Wednesday 17 November, a 16-year-old Palestinian, also from the city, wounded two Israeli policemen with a knife and was shot dead by the Israeli police.

Last Saturday a Palestinian from the occupied West Bank stabbed a Jew
Last Saturday a Palestinian from the occupied West Bank stabbed a Jew (STAFF /)

Israeli forces a Palestinian teenager was shot on the night of Sunday to Monday at a checkpoint between Israel and the occupied West Bank, after Israel reported a person injured after a vehicle attack.

Mohammad Nidal Younès, 15, passed away from his wounded after being shot by Israel at a checkpoint near the city of Tulkarem, in the northern West Bank, the official Palestinian news agency Wafa reported.

Israeli forces “opened fire in the direction of Younès’ vehicle while he was driving at the checkpoint, seriously injuring him for allegedly trying to ram soldiers,” the same source added.

An Israeli guard was injured in the incident, but is not in danger of death, said Sheba Hospital, near Tel Aviv.

An Israeli security official then confirmed to the AFP that the attacker had died.

(With information from EFE and AFP)


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