An Italian producer was crushed to death by 25,000 giant wafers of cheese

Giacomo Chiapparini, the producer who was crushed to death by thousands of wheels of cheese (Photo: Grana Padano)

An Italian cheese producer died this Sunday night in lombardy (north), crushed by 25 thousand wheels of cheese of about forty kilos each that fell when the shelf on which they were resting broke, the firefighters said on Monday.

“We had to move the cheeses and the shelves manually. It took us approximately 12 hours to find” the victim on Monday morning, explained to AFP Antonio Dusi, a person in charge of the fire brigade bergamounderlining the “complex” What was the operation?

The store, located in the small town of Romano di Lombardiasouth of Bergamo, contained 25,000 wheels of cheese stored on metal racks up to 10 meters high. Thousands of them fell, creating a domino effect and killing the owner of the company, Giacomo Chiapparini74 years old, who worked inside the warehouse.

The victim’s family alerted the rescue teams when they heard the crash of the fall around 9:00 p.m. on Sunday.

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According to the newspaper Il Corriere della Serathe victim was alone in the storage room, which was used to store the wheels of cheese during the curing period and which he had entered to check on a robot that turned and cleaned the cheeses.

The main hypothesis attributes the accident to a system glitch that allows you to move the wheels of cheese and that Chiapparin was using at the time of the collapse.

The cheese produced by this company is the Grana Padanowhich looks like Parmesan and is very popular on the peninsula.

The story of Giacomo Chiapparini

The company chiapparini produces Grana Padano Since 2006, it has processed the milk from its own animals and markets the cheese at its own point of sale.

An article from the website granapadano.itthe consortium that brings together the producers of this cheese, described the company as follows: “Every day an average of 270 quintals of milk are milked on this farm to produce 50 Grana Padano wheelswhich makes a total of more than 15 thousand wheels per year”.

Maria, Giacomo’s daughter, told the story of the company, which had been founded by her father 45 years ago.

“We have always been dairy farmers. My father Giacomo, the last of 7 brothers, worked for years with his father and his two brothers as a sharecropper before settling down on his own, earning his first farm and some land with his work ” , He said. “In 1977, he separated from his brothers and with his share of 26 head of cattle, a tractor, an excavator, half a shed and some land, his adventure began. He started by building the first barn and selling the raw material to large transformation companies, such as Invernizzi and Kraft, and he even managed to win awards for the quality of his products”.

Today, the company has several stables, warehousesthe it wouldhe healing warehousethe storethe office, the milking parlor and the family homes.

Chiapparini leaves behind two children, his wife and their grandchildren.

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