An Italian woman who was in a coma for 31 years died: her husband was always by her side

Miriam Visintin

Angelo Farina and Miriam Visintin they were married in June 1990. But for 31 of those years, Miriam was in a coma, following a tragic accident on December 24, 1991 when Miriam’s Fiat Panda skidded off the highway and hit a pole. On May 10, more than three decades later, Miriam died.

Angelo was always by his side.

Miriam was originally from Riese, in the Veneto region of Italy. They met at a nightclub in Mussolente when they were 20 years old, fell in love immediately and got married. The accident occurred in Casoni di Mussolente during the second Christmas Eve they spent together as husband and wife. Miriam’s head injuries were very deep, and the doctors were certain that death was imminent and that the woman would not survive the night.

“That day our lives changed forever,” he said during an interview with The Republic.

Against all expectations, he entered a coma. During the 31 years that she was in that state, her husband stayed by her side, visiting her every day, even several times a day. He caressed her, talked to her, put on the music that she liked.

Miriam Visintin
Miriam Visintin and Angelo Farina

“When I married her, I swore to be by her side through thick and thin.“, Told him to La Stampa. “I went every day, during the lunch break, for at least 15 minutes. Sometimes I managed to go even at night, ”he added in dialogue with La Repubblica after the funeral on Saturday.

She died at the San Bassiano hospital, where she had been transferred two months ago due to an accumulation of fluid in the lungs.

During these decades, Angelo rebuilt his life: he married again and had children. “I was alone for 12 years, then I met a special person who understood me and my situation. She knew how to be delicately by my side, never opposing anything that worried Miriam. In fact, in the last days she was also close to her to help her ”.

But he never stopped caring for his first love. “Fate has been cruel to her, too cruel. She didn’t deserve all this. I keep saying it and I will keep saying it in the future as well,” she said.

Before the question of La Repubblica if you ever considered the assisted suicideHe stated that he would never have “liked to decide for her, even if he was so tired. If there had been a living will it would have been different.”

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