Ana Araujo breaks the silence and tells what her life has been like without Pablo Lyle

Ana Araujo works in baking to support her children after Pablo Lyle’s arrest.


The life of Pablo Lyle changed radically on March 31, 2019, when a traffic argument in Miami changed his life forever; But not only was he affected, but also his family.

Pablo Lyle He was sentenced in February 2023 to five years in prison and eight years of probation with 100 years of community service after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter against Juan Ricardo Hernández, 63, who died after a strong blow that the actor gave him after a traffic argument.

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These facts had a profound impact on Ana Araujo, Pablo Lyle’s wife, who has had to move “heaven, sea and earth” to raise his children after the actor’s arrest.


Ana Araujo, who recently denounced that Pablo Lyle is having a really bad time, as he suffers from alopecia, hypertension and nervous dermatitis Due to the great stress that being incarcerated causes him, he opened up on “Cada Quien El Podcast” and spoke about the situation that his family is currently going through with the absence of the actor.

“What was very difficult for me to accept is that after that event my family stopped being what we were forever.”

“What was very difficult for me to accept is that after that event my family stopped being what we were forever. We never all lived together again, we could never all be calm together.we are embarking on a different situation in life,” said the 34-year-old entrepreneur.


About his children Aranza and Mauro, who is nine years old and is the child he has in common with Pablo LyleAna Araujo did not hesitate to assure that they are her inspiration and her greatest motivation to move forward to be able to maintain them, although it has not been easy.

“I cried because when I saw the families traveling, I said: ‘I had that, it will never happen again’ ”; Araujo said in the podcast, implying that, although it took him a lot of work to accept it, he has managed to overcome this difficult moment for the good of his children.