Ana Araujo reveals that she was going to divorce Pablo Lyle when he was arrested, why didn’t she do it?

Ana Araujo assured that, if she had not divorced Pablo Lyle before, it was because she wanted to support him after his arrest.


The life of Pablo Lyle took a radical turn in March 2019, when he was involved in a road incident that ended with the death of Juan Ricardo Hernández and the arrest of the actor.

But Pablo Lyle was not only affected professionally: for many months, it was believed that this incident had also marked the end of his marriage with businesswoman Ana Araujo; However, the influencer also shocked her followers by revealing that The problems with the actor had been going on for some time.

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It was on Aislinn Derbez’s podcast, “The Magic of Chaos,” which Ana Araujo opened up and revealed shocking details of her marriage to Pablo Lyle that until now they were unknown and that made the influencer consider divorce before the road incident occurred.


It was in the chapter “Resilience: how to rebuild after tragedy” that Ana Araujo revealed that she was already in the process of divorcing Pablo Lyle when her arrest occurred.

“For me it was a very important turning point, because Pablo and I were already in the divorce process when all this happened”

Ana Araujo assured that Their marriage was already on the decline when the Pablo Lyle affair the traffic conflict and subsequent arrest of the actor caught her off guard:

“For me it was a very important turning point, because Pablo and I were already in the divorce process when all this happened. It caught me very off guard, because I had nothing planned,” she said.

“Situations had already happened in our couple that had already led us, especially me, to make this decision, they were situations with which I am already very calm and at peace, for anything that can be said about it, since “We healed her,” he declared. Ana Araujo.


Ana Araujo explained, in the same way, that decided to pause her divorce process that had already begun for a powerful reason:

“We were starting that process and when all this happened, for me it was like: ‘God, what do I do?’, but the truth is that, seeing him so touched, there was no way I wanted to continue with that process, then I said: ‘Forget about this right now, let’s see what’s yours first’ ”, he detailed.

Why did Ana Araujo decide to help Pablo Lyle? These were the shocking statements of the businesswoman:

“I made this decision to keep in a drawer, what I felt and what I wanted. and decide for the family, be with himbecause whatever happened in our relationship, the truth is that we have always been very good friends, so there was no way for me to leave him alone,” the influencer told Aislinn Derbez.