Ana Bárbara clarifies if she is already married

Ángel Muñoz has been the prince charming that Ana Bárbara has long awaited, who has been surrounded by rumors about an alleged secret wedding that the singer would have celebrated with her most intimate family and friends.

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Ana Bárbara clarifies if she is already married



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During an interview with the program Hoy día, on the Telemundo network, the interpreter stated that Muñoz is more than she imagined and came to change her life.

“Right now if you ask me why I’m standing, it’s because of him… yes, he’s that person I run to get oxygen to be on stage, to be able to continue with my projects, to be able to continue with my album projects.”

And although she was questioned about the alleged marriage, the artist was honest and said that the plans continue, but her concert tour has prevented her from focusing on what would be one of the most special moments of her life.

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“The day you see me dressed all in white, that day, say what you want and La Bandida got married… That moment will come when I want to make it very nice, very big but as I tell you, it’s going to be all in white… “said Ana Bárbara, making it clear that she has not yet signed the document that makes her Mrs. Muñoz.